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7 Must-Try Kapampangan Dishes

I’ve said countless times that a trip to the Philippines is a culinary adventure in itself. Aside from the stunning beaches and natural attractions, Filipino cuisine is gaining (albeit slowly) popularity among foodies worldwide. Every island in the Philippines has its own cuisine and that’s saying something considering there are more than 7000. But where […]

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Vikings Davao Steaks Station

Vikings Davao: The Biggest Buffet in the City

Food is part of every travel experience. No trip is ever quite complete without you trying out at least one local delicacy. Some people even travel just for the sake of food, looking for culinary adventures in different parts of the world. But good experiences are not always easy to come by; more often than […]

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Filipino Desserts

Filipino Desserts You Should Not Miss

Everybody loves desserts and no matter where in the world you are, a perfect meal will almost always end with sweets. Filipinos, who are generally in love with food, are known to have a sweet spot for well, sweet things: cakes, pastries, refreshments, etc. When in the Philippines, a traveler must never miss trying out […]

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La Paz Batchoy

What to Eat in Iloilo

Ask anyone who’d been to Iloilo what the best thing to do in the province and you’d get one word for an answer: EAT! Everyone agrees that a visit to Iloilo is a gastronomic adventure that makes one crave for another trip the moment he leaves. Perhaps it’s the innate creativity of the Ilonggos (that’s […]

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