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With 7,107 islands in the Philippines, it is easy to get lost during a sojourn to this beautiful country. Philippine Traveler is a complete guide for tourists planning to see, taste, hear and experience the best of the Philippine islands. We provide not just guides but inside information about places tourists don’t usually encounter.

We strive hard to provide insider information on food, festivals, events, beliefs, attractions and even local folklore that spin a fascinating web across the islands. From pristine beaches to mountaintops, from ultra-modern cities to hidden tribal havens, and from popular attractions to roads less traveled, Philippine Traveler gives you valuable insights to help you tailor-fit your adventure to your interests.

We also provide helpful instruction on language since we understand the traveler’s need to effectively communicate with the locals of their destination. It is for this very reason that we find ways to help non-Filipino speakers understand and speak a little of the local tongue.

The site is constantly evolving as we keep watch for new things that might interest and help each traveler enjoy the Philippines to its fullest.

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Our Writers

Adelle, primary writer for PhilippineTraveler.com websiteAdelle is a self-professed beach bum who gravitates to the sun and the sea. She is also an adrenaline junkie, camper, backpacker and bargain hunter. She is dreaming of and working on visiting all the wonderful provinces in the Philippines. Adelle is currently residing in Davao City.
Tina Lao - PhilippineTraveler.comTina Lao has a passion in Philippine history and culture. She’s a nature lover who enjoys the beach, mountain resorts, museums, festivals and everything that the Philippines can offer. She has been to a few of the islands in the country and dreams of visiting all the major cities and provinces. She is currently residing in Cebu City.

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