Airfare to the Philippines: How to Find the Cheapest Fares

Flights to the Philippines
Finding low cost airfare to the Philippines is not an easy task, especially if you plan to travel during the holiday season or summer vacation. While the internet offers easy access to many different sources where you can search the latest fares, you can easily consume hours of your time doing so and still not find the best deals. Read on for a list of tips and tricks for finding the cheapest airfare to the Philippines.

Searching online booking services such as Orbitz, CheapoAir, Cheap Tickets, Expedia, Priceline and Travelocity usually return many of the same options with little variation in price. You can use a site like Booking Buddy or Kayak.com that aggregate these sites but it does little more than allow you to enter destination and travel dates once. New browser windows open for each booking service you selected. So, it may save you a few minutes but it doesn’t necessarily save you any money. If you do choose to search this way, I recommend Trip.com. The sites searched are usually those that offer the best prices.

Vayama’s byline is “international travel solved”. Another site that specializes in international airfare is Fairline International. I have had very little success in locating the cheapest fares on these websites. In fact, they tend to return the highest prices.

Some claim that dealing directly with the airlines that travel to the Philippines can result in better deals. I did not find that to be the case when searching online. In fact, it was often difficult to find flights from my city of origin to Manila and, when they were found, prices tended to be higher.

Now, calling the airline directly may result in better deals. There are some things that online booking engines do not take into account. Some airlines offer discounts to special groups such as military, students, faculty and senior citizens. By calling, you can inform the rep of this and request a special fare. You can also ask if there are currently any special, unadvertised discount rates.

Another way to hunt for good deals on airfare to the Philippines is to contact a travel agent. According to Tony Morrison, author of Airfare Secrets Revealed, airline ticket reps are trained to squeeze as much out of customers as possible. Therefore, they may not inform you of cheaper rates if you are willing to pay more. Agents, on the other hand, will bend over backwards to find you the lowest fare in order to conquer a client. They know that if they do not provide you with the lowest fare, you will find it somewhere else. You can also find excellent tips on scoring cheap flights using Henry Rustkirk’s Insider Secrets to Cheap Flights.

If you plan to travel to any city in the Philippines other than Manila, you may get a better price on airfare by purchasing the flight out of Manila through a local agency. Domestic flights sold separately from the international portion could result in an overall cheaper price.

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