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My sister and I have always loved coffee. When we were little, we would scour the house for coins so we could buy a sachet of Nescafe from the neighborhood store. We’d make the coffee in the morning, put it in the freezer, and enjoy it as a cold treat during hot summer afternoons. So it came as no surprise that she became a barista who is now working at Avenue Cafe Davao.

Davao City is becoming a coffee lover’s city, with both small and big-name coffee companies setting up shops all over the metro. I have my favorites like Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Green Coffee but whenever time and parking space permits, I also like to hang out where my sister works.

Perfect Location

Avenue Cafe Davao is centrally located along Roxas Avenue where Chicco di Cafe used to be. I was a huge fan of Chicco back in the day. My high school friends and I would meet up at the cafe to catch up after work. Chicco has since closed during the pandemic but the area became a hotspot for locals since Roxas Night Market reopened.

Avenue Cafe Davao’s interior is reminiscent of the older cafe — sunset-colored interiors and moody lighting, perfect for both intimate dates and business meetings. Their dining area is large enough to host a group of 30 and there is a conference room for a more formal setting. After all, the cafe owners bought the place so they have somewhere to hold meetings or simply hang out.

Avenue Cafe Davao’s Menu

The cafe’s offerings are the usual coffee shop fare — pastries, pasta, cakes, and other sweet treats. But what I love about the place is its proximity to the Roxas Night Market. It’s literally right at the cafe’s doorstep. So we can just enjoy the street food outside and end the day with an iced mocha latte at Avenue Cafe. In fact, that’s what most locals do.

Setting aside the fact that my sister is the one making the coffee, Avenue Cafe Davao’s beverages are really top-notch. Service is also very good considering there is only four staff on rotation. I also know that their baristas are always on the lookout for the best beans and new tricks to making their coffee taste better.

A Cozy Place

For a place that hosts meetings, press conferences, and events, Avenue Cafe Davao is surprisingly cozy. Its location at the heart of the city makes you expect a busy ambiance but the cafe offers tranquility. Even Little B felt comfortable just playing on her iPad while munching on fries.

Avenue Cafe Davao is also a great place to get some work done. I have seen a few people hard at work on their laptops. They could have been virtual workers or students finishing some school work — either way, they find the place conducive to productivity.

If you’re ever in downtown Davao and need a place to cool down and dine, check out this cafe at the corner of Roxas Avenue and Padre Faura Street. They are open Mondays through Sundays 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Ask for Karla at the counter, she makes some of the best coffee in the city. I should know, I’ve been enjoying coffee with her since I was 8.


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