Badian Island Resort and Spa: Your Next Vacation

Beautiful Badian Island Resort and Spa viewed from the air. © Source

What makes for a perfect vacation? For most it includes a beautiful beach, relaxing hotel, fantastic food, excellent service and if they’re lucky, a relaxing spa. There are plenty of resorts in the Philippines that offer the perfect vacation, a lot of them located in popular destinations like Boracay Island, Puerto Princesa and Mactan Island. And then there’s Badian Island Resort and Spa.

Badian Island Resort and offers all the requisites of the perfect getaway and then some more. Located in Badian Island, a not-so-crowded part of the Province of Cebu in the Visayas, there is lesser chance of having to share your piece of paradise with a lot of other travelers. This five-star resort in southern Cebu is perfect for those looking for a private getaway: maybe a honeymoon or even a family vacay away from everyone.

Holistic Wellness

Seaweed is used for some of the treatments at their Spa Village. © Source

Badian Island Resort and Spa’s main draw is in their holistic wellness offering. Aside from the Natural Spa Village where an array of massage and relaxation services is on offer, the wellness approach also extends to the resort’s organic food offerings and activities like yoga. The resort designs specific programs for guests based on their needs and lifestyles.

The resort’s signature treatments make use of premium materials that are readily available in the surrounding area like the Badian Bay. Their seaweed bath for example makes use of seaweed in ionized seawater. The seaweed can also be used for their signature massage. Badian Island Resort and Spa also offers Serenity Spa Packages for those who would like to take their relaxation to the next level.

A sumptuous offering of prawn in coconut milk. © Source

The resort also takes pride in their organic food and beverage offerings, ingredients of which are sourced from their own organic gardens. Guests who availed of holistic wellness should expect to be served with vegetable salads and green juices made fresh straight from the garden. And to rejuvenate the spirit and strengthen the body, yoga exercises and meditation can be done with the resort’s beauty as a picturesque backdrop.

Accommodations and Facilities

True to its five-star class, Badian Island Resort and Spa offers topnotch accommodations and facilities to its valued guests. Their finest accommodation, Thalasso Pool Villa, faces Badian Bay and the mountains lining the horizon. The villa also has a private pool filled with ionized seawater and complemented by its own waterfall. As if the pool is not enchanting enough, the room also has a marble tub with a glass ceiling that allows you to bathe under the stars.

One of the Villas with a stunning private pool. © Source

Other accommodations in the resort (Badian Suite, Junior Suite and Family Suite) offer the same level of comfort and each has its own unique qualities that will make guests fall in love with the resort even more. All accommodations include free Wifi access, premium beds and linens, premium toiletries, and all other basic amenities to make the modern traveler’s stay as pleasing as possible.

Lounging by the beach in style and comfort. © Source

Guests at Badian Island Resort and Spa are offered a wide variety of pursuits that fit different interests. Aside from the stunning white sand beach lined with huts and sun beds, the resort has an outdoor pool surrounded by a well-manicured garden. If being in the water gets too tiring, the resort has its yacht that can take you island hopping. Water sports equipment are also available those who prefer more active pursuits.

Kayaking is one of the fun activities on the island. © Source

The resort also features a floating game room where pool tables and other games can be enjoyed. For the traveling businessman, Badian Island Resort and Spa offers a beautiful conference area equipped with modern appliances at his disposal.

Reviews from Guests

Plenty of travelers who have experienced Badian Island Resort and Spa agree that the place is excellent for a tropical vacation. As one reviewer on TripAdvisor states, “it was fantastic, from the wonderful welcome to the caring and thoughtful leaving.Amazing services, very 5star services and caring also great. The room was excellent with a nice balcony and large bathroom. Excellent beach.”

Being that it is a five-star resort, there are a few issues about the rates but a good number of guests also agree that the resort offers value for money. The resort’s location can also be a clincher: while most appreciate the exclusivity, getting to the resort can also be a challenge. And while recreation comes in the form of activities in and out of the water, guests would have to rely on the resort’s WiFi for in-room entertainment as there are no TV sets.

The very accommodating staff serenading as they bid guests farewell. © Source

For more information about Badian Island Resort and Spa, you may visit their website or contact their sales and booking office at the information posted on their contact page.

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