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Baguio City is one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines and it is for good reason. The City of Pines, as it is known, is famous for its mild year-round weather. It is situated in the Cordilleras of Luzon, hence the desirable weather. It comes as no surprise that Baguio City is considered one of the Summer Capitals of the Philippines.

Baguio City is also a favorite destination for local and international travelers who take to the road in search for wonderful food. The city is a foodie’s paradise; there are plenty of restaurants and eateries serving culinary treats that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in the Philippines.

Travelers also flock to the city for the sweet and delectable strawberries. Because of the weather, strawberries grow in abundance in the city and the surrounding area. During strawberry-picking season (November to May), tourists (and even locals) find great pleasure in picking them fresh from the fields in La Trinidad.

If you are coming to this city for a spell and want to experience the best it has to offer, we suggest you stay in one of the following highly recommended hotels in Baguio. For other destinations, check out the listings at HotelClub.com.

Microtel Inn & Suites Baguio

Photo from the Microtel Inn & Suites Baguio website

Photo from the Microtel Inn & Suites Baguio website

This three-star Microtel is perfect for holidaymakers looking for comfort and affordability in their Baguio City hotels. While it is your usual Microtel just like anywhere else in the world, Microtel Inn & Suites Baguio is made even more attractive by the beautiful scenery that surrounds it. The hotel is located close to many shops, restaurants and attractions in the area.

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Hotel Elizabeth Fersal Baguio

Photo from the Hotel Elizabeth Fersal Baguio website

Photo from the Hotel Elizabeth Fersal Baguio website

Considered to be one of the most beautiful Baguio City hotels, Hotel Elizabeth Fersal Baguio boasts of European-style architecture set against a backdrop of verdant pine trees. This 3.5-star hotel is perched on a hill, providing guests a wonderful view of the city and its attractions below. Attractions like The Mansion, Wright Park and Mines View Park are within easy access from the hotel. Hotel Elizabeth Fersal Baguio features lavishly furnished guestrooms geared for comfort and satisfaction.

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Azalea Residences Baguio

Photo from HotelClub.com

Photo from HotelClub.com

Azalea Residences Baguio is your modern log cabin in Baguio City, a perfect base for both business and leisure travelers. The four-star property has easy access to public transportation ready to take you to the many and varied attractions of the city. Azalea Residences Baguio features spacious guestrooms equipped with excellent amenities like an en-suite kitchen, entertainment appliances and premium quality beds and beddings.

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Tiptop Vacation Homes Baguio City

Photo from the Tiptop Vacation Homes Baguio City website

Photo from the Tiptop Vacation Homes Baguio City website

If you plan to stay a long time and would want to call one of the best Baguio City hotels home, you should consider Tiptop Vacation Homes. This 3-star property’s units are intended for transient stays and most can sleep at least 4 people, perfect for traveling families or group of friends. Tiptop Vacation Homes Baguio City features a cozy log cabin atmosphere complete with fireplaces to keep warm during chilly Baguio nights.

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Camp John Hay

Photo from the Camp John Hay website

Photo from the Camp John Hay website

Camp John Hay has long been an icon for Baguio City vacationers. The sprawling property covers rolling hills and plains highlighted by parks, living areas, restaurants, activity areas and trails. There is also a golf course within the property. Exciting activities within the property include horseback riding, rappelling, butterfly watching and trail hiking. Camp John Hay offers premium accommodations for guests looking for elegance and comfort during their time in Baguio City.

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