Pasol Mo Luto Ko at Lindo’s Farm

Lindos Farm food

I think most would agree that fishing is a relaxing hobby year-round. Personally, I find it boring but my children take pleasure in catching fish so we do it whenever we find the chance. Fishing in the Philippines can be dangerous if done in open water and with a lack of experience. So for us […]

Casa Julieta Davao’s Charm

casa julieta davao

When we moved uptown, I started looking for a place we could stay downtown when we need to. I do not want the kids to stay in motels but I also do not want to spend a lot of money on a hotel room. In my search, I found Casa Julieta Davao and immediately became […]

Sotogrande Hotel Davao Review

The rising price of gas and other things has dampened most people’s travel plans, including ours. We have not made any road trips since August when we went to Monte Ana Haven in Marilog. But since we needed to “get away” for a little bit, we decided on a staycation in one of the hotels […]

Quick Getaway to Monte Ana Haven

Monte Ana Haven entrance

We live for pocket vacations that fuel our work and school days. So when the chance came to visit one of the most popular vacation spots in Buda, I convinced Jun to pack up our laptops and go. We visited Monte Ana Haven up in Davao City’s highlands last week and boy was it a […]

Lunch with a View at Popskie’s Davao

The last two years have been good to mom-and-pop-style businesses in Davao City. Landowners and homeowners opened their properties to the public, catering to the Dabawenyos’ ever-growing appetite for good food and relaxing ambiance. Popskie’s Davao is one such restaurant in suburban Davao. We came across this open-air cafe during one of our trips up […]

Jamelle Gardens Cafe Review


Moving to the southern part of Davao City has brought us closer to the attractions the city’s highlands have to offer. This weekend, we ventured out to Brgy. Eden and had lunch at Jamelle Gardens Cafe. My family has always loved this part of Davao City. Back when Adie was little, we frequented Eden Nature […]

A Day in Gethsemane Garden Resort

A day spent with family is always a day well spent. A day in Gethsemane Garden Resort is simply glorious. This post is long overdue. I should have posted this review three months ago but life caught up and that’s a story for another day. So back to Gethsemane. My side of the family has […]

How to Get into Samal Island During the Pandemic

Travel in the Philippines has become almost nonexistent when the COVID-19 pandemic hit a year ago. Popular attractions closed down and foreign visitors were banned from the country. But now that restrictions have eased up, tourism in the Philippines is starting to get back up on its feet. We recently went to the beach and […]

5 Fun New Things to Do in Davao City

Davao City has become a very fun place to be in recent years. Aside from at least three additional malls, the city has become home to plenty of exciting places both tourists and locals can enjoy.