5 Fun New Things to Do in Davao City

Davao City has become a very fun place to be in recent years. Aside from at least three additional malls, the city has become home to plenty of exciting places both tourists and locals can enjoy.

Roxas Night Market: A Must Visit

More bags at the Roxas Night Market

When in Davao City and in the mood for food and shopping, go to the Roxas Night Market for the best food and cheapest bargains. The spot become hugely popular among locals and even visitors of Davao City due to its accessibility and the variety of things you can find. Roxas Night Market is Nirvana […]

Golden Bay Beach Resort, Samal Island

Golden Bay Beach Resort Jetty

Summer means a lot of things. For students, it means a much-welcomed break from the monotony of schoolwork. For travelers exploring the Philippines, it’s an opportune time to travel to their favorite destinations without having to check storm alerts. For me and for most beach lovers, summer has always been the perfect excuse to be […]

Green Coffee: Excellent Brews and Vibe


I’m always on the prowl for new coffee shops to try. And it’s not just for the love of coffee, I do it because I want to eventually say I have tried all the coffee shops in Davao. This week we tried Green Coffee, another burgeoning coffee chain in Metro Davao. I’ve so far visited and […]

Yakimix Buffet: PH’s #1 Smokeless Grill

Yakimix Buffet sashimi

I am a mall rat; no weekend ever passes without me going to a mall in Davao City to either shop or to imply stroll around and people watch. More often than not, we scout for new places to dine at we’ve always wanted to try out Yakimix Buffet in Abreeza Ayala Mall. I’ve been […]

Must See: Malagos Bird Show


Climate change is a real problem that all of us are aware of but often just brush off. Why? I think it’s because the discussion involves big words and (let’s face it), boredom. At Malagos Garden Resort, it’s a different story! Climate change and environmental awareness become fun topics through their Interactive Bird Show. Malagos […]

Malagos Garden Resort, Davao City

Waling-waling (vanda sanderiana

When in Davao City, one of the places you must visit is Malagos Garden Resort, an inland resort in the uptown area called Baguio District. Malagos Garden Resort is close to the Philippine Eagle Center, the conservation site of the Philippine Eagle Foundation. Malagos Garden Resort is a 12-hectare property that sits in the city’s […]

Cafe Demitasse – A Great Hangout Place

Cafe Demitasse's popular creamy carbonara.

Café Demitasse is one of the newer cafes in Davao City that is gaining quite a good following because of their food and service. Only 6 years old, the café has undergone a major makeover in the past year to make way for a better vibe and menu. I have been hearing a lot of […]

MamBoss Café: The Homey Place to Be

MamBoss Cafe

If you’re looking for a homey, vintage-y coffee shop to hang out in in Davao City, we’ve found it for you! My family and I just discovered a quaint café that has everything I am looking for: MamBoss Café. Let me tell you a little back story: I’ve always been a fan of Tata Benito’s […]