Malagos Garden Resort Restaurant Review

Malagos-Garden-Resort-Restaurant-plate 2

I’ve already talked about how much we loved Malagos Garden Resort and their Sunday Interactive Bird Show. The resort in the uptown area of Davao City is indeed a must-visit for first-time visitors and even locals who are looking for a quick escape from the busy city. But what about food? Guests can bring their […]

Golden Egg Restaurant, Davao City


When in Davao City and checking out the Philippine Eagle Center and other attractions in Baguio District, you should stop by one of the restaurants along the highway in Tugbok. My favorite is Golden Egg Restaurant. Golden Egg Restaurant is one of the many restaurants lined up in the highway serving hito (catfish) specialties. There […]

Hukad sa Golden Cowrie: A Restaurant Review

Women all over the world are feeling special today because it’s Mother’s Day! So Happy Mother’s Day to the women to whom we credit the fullness of the world, without you it would be empty (literally). Celebrating Mother’s Day and any other occasion is very important for Filipinos. We are sentimental people; we never forget […]

Probinsya Buffet: A Taste of Home

One of the most exciting activities when visiting Davao City is trying out the local cuisine. While the city does not have a distinct culinary specialty like the pancit molo of Iloilo or sisig of Pampanga, there is an abundance of dining places that serve excellent fare. If you’re looking for a good all-you-can eat […]

Food in Lake Sebu: Tilapia Binge-Eating!

The rainy days are here! But don’t let that stop you from having more fun in the Philippines. There’s so much to do in the islands even when the glorious sun is playing hide and seek in the clouds. What’s the most fun thing to do while it’s raining outside? Eat! Filipinos love to eat. […]

7 Must-Try Kapampangan Dishes

I’ve said countless times that a trip to the Philippines is a culinary adventure in itself. Aside from the stunning beaches and natural attractions, Filipino cuisine is gaining (albeit slowly) popularity among foodies worldwide. Every island in the Philippines has its own cuisine and that’s saying something considering there are more than 7000. But where […]

Punong Restaurant: A Seafood Lover’s Nirvana

Ginataang Alimango

Good food does not always come from top-rated Michelin star restaurants. Sometimes, you can find the best eats in unlikely places like that hole-in-the-wall eatery along a dimly-lit alley or a floating restaurant partially obscured from the road by a wall of mangrove trees. We discovered the latter on a very rainy morning on our […]

Gerry’s Grill: Sumptuous Filipino Feasts

Crispy Pata

Ask any Filipino to name at least five of the best grill restaurants in the Philippines and you will most likely have Gerry’s Grill on the list. This restaurant/bar is a very popular dining and chill-out venue; they serve sumptuous Filipino dishes and of course, ice-cold San Miguel Beer among others. I can no longer […]

Filipino Street Food: What You Should Not Miss


Seasoned travelers from all over the world preach one thing in common when it comes to visiting a new place: eat like the locals do. This means veering away from the familiar fast food chains like McDonald’s and KFC and opting for restaurants serving local cuisine. Eating like a local also means sampling the food […]

Ice Cream Flavors of the Philippines

langka ice cream

Everybody loves ice cream. In fact, I have never met anyone who declined an invitation to a cone or cup of one. I am personally addicted to it that I often disregard its adverse effects on my throat and voice. In a tropical country like the Philippines, these frozen treats are non-negotiable especially during the […]