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Christmas in the Philippines Abreeza Ayala

Christmas in the Philippines

It’s just a few days before Christmas! Christmas in the Philippines is the happiest in the world and I am beyond excited to spend this year’s festivities with friends and family. Christmas in the Philippines is something very special. For the Filipinos, this season is the time to forget all our woes and just focus […]

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The Image of Christ's Crucifixion

Holy Week in Cebu

Holy Week is one of the most awaited legal holidays not only in Cebu but also in other parts of the Philippines. Beginning Maunday Thursday until Black Saturday, government offices and private companies are closed. This is the time when Catholic devotees in different parts of the country reenact the events of the crucifixion and […]

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[11:27:03 PM] William Manor: Festival of the Black Nazarene

Popular Philippine Christmas Festivals

More and more westerners choose to spend their Christmas holidays somewhere warm. While their part of the world is freezing or blanketed with immaculate snow, our tropical climate can give them the warmth they so long for. There is nothing wrong with having a white Christmas; in fact, it’s in a lot of people’s bucket […]

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Chinese New Year in the Philippines

© Hrlumanog on Dreamstime   I remember my grandmother once told me that every Filipino somehow has Chinese blood in them. This used to be a puzzle for me; not everyone has fine skin, cute eyes and a solid business somewhere in the city. Now that I have grown a little wiser, I realized that […]

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Crucifixion of Jesus during Holy Week

Holy Week in the Philippines

© Vojtech Vlk on Dreamstime   Semana Santa (Holy Week) is one of the two most important religious events in the Philippines, the other one being Christmas. As Holy Week nears, the 75 million or so Catholics in the country prepare themselves for sacrifice, prayer and celebration of the life, passion and resurrection of Jesus […]

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