The Serenity of Lake Apo

Lake Apo

Lakes have always fascinated me. I think it’s the water’s mysterious character that pulls me in — how you could not really tell how deep it is and what lies underneath. How the surface that perfectly mirrors the sky is quite enchanting too. The only other lake I have seen was Lake Sebu in South […]

Revisiting Reel Place in Bukidnon

Reel Place Bukidnon's park entrance with rainbow letters and a decorative bicycle.

Habagat season has officially commenced in the Philippines. This means excruciating heat in the daytime and torrential rains at night. So here we are dreaming of going out but can only revisit photos of our last road trip. Our farthest stop was at Reel Place in Lorega, Bukidnon before we turned back to Davao City. […]

Unique Dining at Payag ni Enards

Payag ni Enards signage

Most of us have had meals by the beach, in the mountains, and even among trees. But I must say that dining in the middle of a rice field is a unique experience that I would want to repeat, soon if possible.

Quick Getaway to Monte Ana Haven

Monte Ana Haven entrance

We live for pocket vacations that fuel our work and school days. So when the chance came to visit one of the most popular vacation spots in Buda, I convinced Jun to pack up our laptops and go. We visited Monte Ana Haven up in Davao City’s highlands last week and boy was it a […]

Apayao, Philippines

Situated close to the tip of Northern Luzon, Apayao is a landlocked province made of vast plains and diverse flora and fauna. The province is an emerging tourist destination, especially now that eco-tourism has become almost synonymous to Philippine tourism. Apayao offers endless possibilities for the tourist who wants to explore the roads less traveled. […]

Bataan, Philippines

Bataan is a province sitting on a peninsula of the same name in the island of Luzon. It faces the West Philippine Sea (also known as South China Sea) on its west side, separating it from Manila Bay which is to its east. Bataan occupies a portion of Central Luzon, about 2.5 hours via car […]

Aklan, Philippines

Alkan, considered the oldest province in the Philippines, is located in the northwestern tip of the island of Panay. This well-visited province faces the Romblon island cluster to its north and is one kilometer away from the famous island paradise Boracay, also in the same direction. Aklan is probably one of the busiest provinces in […]

Albay, Philippines

Albay is a beautiful province located in the Bicol Region, known to the world as the home of Mt. Mayon, the volcano with a perfect shape of a cone. It is a relatively unspoiled region in south Luzon, with many natural wonders including beaches, springs, caves and waterfalls. Albay offers almost endless discoveries, especially for […]

Antique, Philippines

Antique is an intriguing coastal province on the Island of Panay, Western Visayas. It occupies the entire west side of the island facing the Sulu Sea and the provinces of Capiz, Ilolio and Aklan lie to its east. Though it is not regarded as a tourist destination by most, Antique has its own set of […]

Agusan Del Norte, Philippines

Agusan del Norte is a small province located in the northeastern part of the Mindanao island. It is mainly an agricultural area with sloping and craggy terrain straddled by two vast mountain ranges. The province sits on 273,024 hectares of land with 73% forest cover. Agusan, as it is generally known, is one of the […]