How Much Does Airfare to the Philippines Cost?

Airfare to the Philippines can be quite costly. But because of the country’s geographical location, air travel is the best way to reach it. So how much does airfare to the Philippines cost? On average, airfare to the Philippines costs around $1000US. It may cost a lot more if you’re traveling during peak season. The […]

Cars For Rent in The Philippines

Going on a road trip across the Philippine islands sounds like an exciting yet daunting idea. The varied terrains of this tropical destination make for an amazing adventure but the geographic makeup of the islands can also pose a challenge.  There are quite a few overland tours available to take you across the main islands […]

How to Get into Samal Island During the Pandemic

Travel in the Philippines has become almost nonexistent when the COVID-19 pandemic hit a year ago. Popular attractions closed down and foreign visitors were banned from the country. But now that restrictions have eased up, tourism in the Philippines is starting to get back up on its feet. We recently went to the beach and […]

Where Is the Coldest Place in the Philippines?

coldest place in the Philippines

When the snow starts to fall in the northern hemisphere, people head off to someplace where there’s perpetual sunshine. That’s what the Philippines is for — beaches, mountains, waterfalls, and sunny weather year-round. Sometimes, though, the heat becomes too much to bear. And when this happens, people escape to places where the air is colder […]

7 Philippine Destinations to Visit in 2022

Philippine Destinations to Visit in 2016: Island Hopping in Samal

It’s another year, Philippine Travelers! A full year to explore the wonderful islands that is the Philippines. While I cannot claim to have seen every nook and cranny of my country, I do know where the great places are. So I’ve come up with 7 Philippine Destinations to Visit in 2022. Let’s keep our fingers […]

10 Must-Dos to Stay Safe in the Philippines

10 Must-Dos to Stay Safe in the Philippines

Safety is one of the most important considerations when traveling. It does not matter if you’re swashbuckling in the Amazon, beachcombing in the Philippines or cruising in the Caribbean – your safety must be your #1 priority. Along with your enjoyment, it is important that you stay safe in the Philippines or in any other […]

7 Tips for First Time Solo Female Travel

They say a woman’s bucket list must include solo travel. As daunting and scary as the idea seems, solo female travel can actually be a life-changing experience. Being on your lonesome can open your eyes to a different perspective but as always, it can also pose a few risks. Solo Female Travel Solo female travel […]

Staying Healthy in the Philippines


You already have your airline tickets, hotel accommodations and tour packages all taken care of. Your swimwear and snorkel gear are already neatly packed in your fancy suitcase. Are you ready to fly to the Philippines? Not just yet! When traveling to the Philippines (or any tropical destination for that matter), there are essential things […]

Budget Travel in the Philippines

Banana Boat Ride in Boracay

Traveling to the Philippines is already cheap as it is. A holiday in the islands would probably be one of the cheapest you will ever experience. And we don’t mean cheap-tacky, we mean cheap-best value. In fact, Lonely Planet just named Palawan, Philippines as one of the top 10 best value destinations for 2014. Now […]