Davao Claims to Fame

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Aside from the abundant fresh waters, delectable seafood and fruits, and friendly people, Davao City is also best known for some of the most unique and interesting things.

Philippine Eagle: The King of all Birds”

Philippine Eagle in Davao.
The majestic Philipine Eagle. photo by bigtumtum2006 on flickr

The Philippine Eagle is perhaps the most prominent among all Davao claims to fame. The Philippine Eagle is commonly known to be the Monkey-eating Eagle. This is the National Bird of the country and is found to be endemic in the country specifically in the vast green lands of Davao. The “King” as most of the locals call it is a symbol of valor, discipline, and strength among the people.

There are between 82 and 233 breeding pairs of the Philippine Eagle. However, such specie is also in danger of extinction, thus the efforts of the government of Davao to preserve the habitat of the Philippine Eagle. This gave birth to the Philippine Eagle Center of Davao where the Philippine’s National Bird is bred in captivity to increase the specie number. This is one of the most sought after tourist spot in the city and is visited by many foreigners and locals. The center also teaches the proper treatment for these animals and the promotion of their preservation.

Waling-Waling: “Queen of Philippine Flowers”

Waling-Waling Kadayawan Festival in Davao City, Philippines.
Waling-Waling: “Queen of Philippine Flowers”
The Waling-waling is a variant of the poplar orchid flower that is abundantly found in Davao City. This was then worshiped by the local Bagobo tribe as a fairy. This is a flower highly valued by plant lovers and in most often the most expensive flower in the Philippine market. This represents the beauty of the city and is also sought after during the famous “Kadayawan” Festival of which is termed as the king of all festivals.

Durian: “King of All Fruits”

Durian: King of All the Fruit in Davao.
photo by pinoy photographer on flickr

If the Philippine Eagle is the most prominent, durian is the most popular among the Davao claims to fame. The abundance of this fruit in the city makes it one of the most sought-after fruits among tourists and locals alike. The saying “Smells like Hell, Tastes like Heaven” is what summarizes the delight that the Durian offers to many locals and foreigners alike.

There are actually a variety of types of this fruit available in the city. Many vendors would offer you a taste as well as luxurious establishments make their own versions of this local delight. If you are the one that cannot tolerate the smell of this remarkable fruit, you may also avail of other Durian-made products such as candies, tarts, ice creams, cakes, rolls, Durian coffee, or Durian-infused cuisines that will be interesting to explore. Nonetheless, Durian is one of the first icons that makes the city famous for its name.

Mt. Apo: “Highest Peak in the Philippines”

Spectacular view of Mt. Apo.
Spectacular view of Mt. Apo. photo by incrediblethots on flickr

Davao is home to the highest peak of the Philippines, the beautiful Mt. Apo. This is actually a potentially semi-active volcano that is located between the main city of Davao and Davao del Sur Province and Cotabato province. At its peak is the awesome panorama that you will never forget. This is one of the most popular climbing destination in the country with the summit, on the average, takes two days to reach.

This is considered by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Philippines to be the center of endemism in Mindanao. It is a vast land of biological diversity in terms of flora and fauna and a combination of lowland tropical rainforest, mid-mountain forests, and high mountain forests. Home to a lot of species of plants and animals, Mt. Apo proves to be a great symbol that the locals of Davao strive to preserve and promote at the same time.


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