Dayaw Coffee and Tea: Authentically Dabawenyo

I love coffee and living in Davao City makes it easier to nurture this love for the beverage. It’s not just the delicious aroma and the stimulating effect of the caffeine, it’s more of the experience when I just sit at a café, sipping on my cup and watching the people around me. I guess most coffee lovers can relate.

Dayaw Coffee and Tea

The welcoming sight of Dayaw Coffee and Tea’s entrance.

It’s also more of the knowledge that Davao City has more than just the run of the mill coffee shops there are in huge cities. I’m sure other cities in the Philippines also have plenty of homegrown shops but I would daresay that Davao City’s coffee community is more solid. I make a point to visit a different coffee shop every now and then, sometimes alone but often with a companion.

I came across Dayaw Coffee and Tea while looking for a place to eat one Sunday. We were at our usual Sunday SM Lanang Premier stroll, craving for coffee but not enough to succumb to the siren call of Starbucks. Dayaw Coffee and Tea is located right beside the entrance to Ibex Global, a BPO company. Makes sense considering their target clientele would be bleary-eyed call center agents looking for a pick-me-up.

“Dayaw” means a lot of things to Dabawenyos like me: it is a happy greeting (“Madayaw”), it means goodness, it means happiness. The name alone prompted us to check the place out. The façade was nice enough, with patio chairs and tables that jived with the open-air concept of the mall’s Fountain Court. A huge menu was posted outside, inviting us to try out their specialties.

Dayaw Coffee and Tea Barista

The friendly and knowledgable barista

So far so good! We were greeted in Visayan by the lone barista at the counter, readily offering us their beverage menu and pointing at their cakes and pastries on display. I loved that they have 20-ounce servings of their offerings; they also have decaf treats for kids or non-coffee drinkers. I noticed that their specialty coffees are named after mountains in Davao Region. What I liked most especially is that they use Mindanao-grown coffee beans. This is a plus point—patronizing the products of our local growers.

Dayaw Coffee and Tea Menu

Dayaw Coffee and Tea menu

Dayaw Coffee and Tea Beverages

Cafe Mocha and Coffee Jelly

The interior was perfect: well-placed booths, comfortable chairs and beautiful artwork all over the place. The walls were even lined with T’nalak, a local fabric woven by natives in Mindanao. There are very few native weavers living presently. T’nalak is a trademark of Mindanao and it is often used in Davao City festivals like the Kadayawan. Even their coffee cups and collars are T’nalak-inspired!

Dayaw Coffee and Tea artwork

Some of the cheerful artwork on the walls.

Dayaw Coffee and Tea artwork

My favorite among all the paintings in the cafe.

The coffee was excellent, as I expected. The barista told me that they use the Arabica variety in-store for the aroma but that they sell the Robusta variety as well. They have the usual cakes along with homemade pastries at very affordable prices.

Dayaw Coffee and Tea Pastries

Yummy pastries to go with their excellently brewed coffee.

Would I recommend going to Dayaw Coffee and Tea for a cup? Definitely! It has an authentic Dabawenyo vibe that could very well be part of the total Davao City experience. Menu recommendations? I’d say try their Matutum frappe and coffee jelly, I thoroughly enjoyed both.

Join me on my next coffee discovery! Let’s fall in love with Davao City one coffee cup at a time.

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Have you tried the coffee at Dayaw? Tell us what your favorite drinks are and let’s swap stories in the comments below!

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