Where to Find the Best Durian in Davao City

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Durian in Davao City — smells like hell, tastes like heaven.

I’ve always said that the best time to go to Davao City is in August. For one thing, the city holds the the world-famous Kadayawan Festival is held mid-month. And there are activities and events happening all month long. Plus it is also the best time to try out durian in Davao City. And it’s not just durian, the best Davao fruits are also in season!

Davao fruits are in season!

Best Durian in Davao City

So where to find the best durian in Davao City? During the Kadayawan season, it’s literally everywhere! Vendors line the streets, selling different durian varieties at rock bottom per kilo prices. When visiting off-season, you’ll find some at Magsaysay Fruit Vendors Association. It is located at the entrance to Magsaysay Park, right smack in the center of Davao’s Chinatown.

Magsaysay Fruit Vendors Association
The Chinatown Arch is right across the street.

Stores selling Davao fruits like durian, mangosteen, rambutan, marang, and pomelo line the area. Fruits at Magsaysay Vendors are pricier than those sold in streets but you are assured of quality. Their produce come from the most reputable farms in the region like Dizon Farms and TADECO.

The stores also sell products derived from the fruits. Durian candies, tarts, jams and preserves are excellent as pasalubong (take-home treats); just make sure you ask the vendor to wrap them tightly as airlines do not allow smelly products on board.

Durian candies for sale.

Durian candies provide a sneak peek at the fruit’s flavor before going for the full durian experience. After all, Durian is famous for its pungent odor that often turns people off. But the moment it touches your lips, the smell will take the backseat and you’ll soon be hooked on the milky flavor!

Durian preserves are great as pasalubong.

How to Get There

From downtown Davao, ride a jeepney with a sign “NCCC” or “Magsaysay” or “Uyanguren”. It should pass right by Magsaysay Vendors. Or you can take the easy route and hail a cab and just ask the driver to take you there. Have fun gorging on durian in Davao City!


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