Golden Egg Restaurant, Davao City

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When in Davao City and checking out the Philippine Eagle Center and other attractions in Baguio District, you should stop by one of the restaurants along the highway in Tugbok. My favorite is Golden Egg Restaurant.

Golden Egg’s unassuming facade.

Golden Egg Restaurant is one of the many restaurants lined up in the highway serving hito (catfish) specialties. There are bigger, more popular restaurants in the area but I always go back to Golden Egg for their backyard view.

You see, at the back of Golden Egg Restaurant is a semblance of my dream home: a house made of wood, surrounded by trees and has a small fish pond. Whenever we dine at Golden Egg Restaurant, I always choose the balcony table which has the best view of the house.

My dream home (or rest house) just in the Golden Egg Restaurant’s backyard.

The last time we visited Golden Egg Restaurant was with my grandmother who I intended to take to Malagos Garden Resort. We ended up not going because it rained pretty hard. But we enjoyed a very filling meal at the restaurant.

The husband just done picking out which catfish to have for lunch.

Golden Egg’s Menu

Golden Egg Restaurant’s specialty is hito, a variety of catfish farmed in the area. They serve it deep fried, grilled, cooked in vinegar and spices (paksiw) and cooked in coconut milk (ginataan). They also serve quite a few Filipino classics like the native chicken tinola (soup), kinilaw and the classic adobo.

Golden Egg Restaurant’s deep fried hito.
Native chicken tinola. yum!
Native chicken tinola. Yum!
Fresh kinilaw.
You can have some some durian too!
You can have some some durian too!

This area of Davao City is abundant with the famous Davao fruits: durian, mangosteen, rambutan, marang and even pomelo. So some fruits might also be available during your visit. If not, there will always be independent vendors along the road.

A piece of advice: order lot of rice. One serving of their hito will make you want to eat more. You might regret it after but hey, you can always hit the gym!

A simple dining room fit for a hearty meal.


Golden Egg Restaurant is located on the right side of the road if you’re headed to Calinan. It’s right in front of Santander Restaurant, one of the more popular (and expensive) hito places. If you’re in the area, pay this restaurant a visit, especially if you love catfish. It’s not fancy, but you’ll surely leave with a smile.


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