Passing Through Jack’s In the Sky

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Buda has come a long way in 10 years. This area between Davao City and Bukidnon used to be short of places to stop over and have a nice meal with kids. When we first visited this area of Davao City little Adie, the only thing she enjoyed was the strawberries. Now with Little B, my girls thoroughly enjoyed running around and playing in what they named as “the best place ever” — Jack’s in the Sky.

A Piece of Davao City

Jack’s in the Sky is the BUDA branch of Jack’s Ridge, a popular hangout spot overlooking Davao City. We used to go to Jack’s Ridge when Adie was younger but haven’t been in a while. Making a mental note here to take the kids there soon. ☺️

Jun and I just had hot chocolate from our first stop in Kidbu Cafe and B was getting a little antsy about sitting in the car again. Jack’s in the Sky’s entrance area was very attractive so we decided to take a peek inside. To the little one’s delight, there was a playground and a cute Philippine macaque right by the park reception building.

Jack’s in the Sky

Davao City’s Jack’s Ridge is known for their sloping terrain that requires going up and down cemented steps to get from one spot to another. Jack’s in the Sky is no different — only the views on top are of mountains and not the cityscape. It’s almost literally in the sky hence the name.

Since we were in Buda to explore as many places as we can and have as much coffee as our bodies can handle in day, we decided not to avail of their Day Tour package and just stay at their restaurant. The kids got busy in the playground soon after we parked the car so Jun and I ordered our coffees and started exploring.

Good Coffee and More

It was time to get caffeinated while Adie watched little sister play on the slides. Jun ordered something new — durian hot chocolate. It smelled a little funky to me but he seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. You’d think I love durian because I’m Davaoeña but I don’t. I ordered my favorite iced mocha which the kids finished off once they saw our orders being served. I swear I only had a couple of sips!

Their restaurant is quite nice and airy. It gives off an al fresco vibe and I can easily watch the kids while they ran around the playground.

Jun proposed we have a proper breakfast there but was voted down because we wanted to get going. I just took photos of their menu instead.

Tours in the Sky

Jack’s in the Sky offers sightseeing, day tour and overnight packages. And I am happy to report that all their offerings are not just child-friendly, they’re also favorable to seniors and persons with disabilities. You usually have to hike up a slope to get to the park but they have golf carts to shuttle those who cannot.

Their sightseeing package includes entrance to the park and playground, and a bottle of water. The day tour package includes access to the playground, view deck and swimming pool. Half of the day tour rate is consumable at their restaurant which serves modern Filipino food. They have villas that can accommodate different group sizes. Overnight guests have access to all amenities.

What I am Looking Forward To

I kind of regret that we did not go for the sightseeing or even day tour during our visit. We stuck to our goal of just passing through and Jack’s in the Sky was just one of the stopovers for the day. That being said, I look forward to doing more than just stop for coffee the next time we pass this way.

Their Facebook page shows a lot of guest photos and reviews that have me curious what the view is actually like up in the park. I might also pack swimming outfits for the kids next time.

If you’re going to Buda, Jack’s in the Sky is a great place to spend the day or even overnight.

Jack’s in the Sky is the second stop of our Buda Caffeine Quest. See you again next week for the third!