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It’s been a while! With the start of classes and just life happening, our days have been occupied with work, shuttling kids to and from school, preparing lunches and catching up on sleep during the weekends. So when Adie asked for some reprieve from our routine before her first periodical exams, we got in our car and drove off to Buda to explore some places and get caffeinated. First stop: KIDBU CAFE.

Unassuming Cafe by the Road

Jun and I did not really have anything planned. The last time we were on the road was in June when we visited Payag ni Enards.

We just decided on Saturday night to take the kids on a road trip and just play it by ear. So there we were on an early Sunday morning, driving just below 80kph, along BUDA — the area between Davao City and Bukidnon, with the Arakan Valley on the other side.

Then we saw the roadside sign asking “Coffee? Sikwate? Kidbu Cafe“. Since it was just after 7AM, I was in the mood for hot chocolate (locally called sikwate). We decided to make a stop. Kidbu Cafe is on the right side of the road if you’re coming from Davao City so it’s easy enough to spot. They have a large parking area perched on a cliff. There’s only a flimsy bamboo fence on the cliffside so park close to the side of the road!

Cafe with a View

Kidbu Cafe is quite small but the view it offers is expansive. If you’re a little skittish about heights like our Little B, proceed with caution. The view can feel a little disorienting but once you get over the momentary daze, you will be amazed at the beauty below.

Kidbu is a play on the local word BUKID which means farm or mountain. And what a view of the surrounding mountains it was! It was quite an experience having our hot drinks while looking out at the vast expanse of green — some parts still enveloped by fog.

What to Order at Kidbu Cafe

I packed some fried rice for the road so we did not order food at Kidbu Cafe. Jun and I had hot chocolate and Adie begged for a cup of coffee to wake her up. I eventually gave in and ordered a caramel latte for her. The hot chocolate was well-made and rich but not grainy. They had sweet milk and muscovado (coco) sugar neatly packed in sachets which we appreciated. Adie’s coffee arrived with latte art! My sister would be impressed.

They also serve all-day breakfast meals. The couple at the next table had some type of silog — sinangag-itlog (fried rice and egg) which they ate and talked about with gusto. So I figured the food tasted good as well. They also had a bunch of suman (sticky rice) delicacies and some Filipino dishes displayed on their counter.

They have a small snack bar and a shelf of anime merchandise. Adie had to stop herself from buying a Spy X Family plush toy which she thought was overpriced.

Here’s what their menu board looked like on that day:

Overall Impressions and Some Tips

We were definitely enamored by the cutesy Kidbu Cafe. It was nothing fancy but it had everything we needed from a roadside stopover: ample parking, good food and coffee/drinks for a quick pick-me-up. Since the cafe is perched on a cliffside, make sure to hold on to small children while in the parking area. The cafe itself has a sturdy balcony around their dining area, though.

Their seats are made of actual logs so sitting might be a little uncomfortable. Although I appreciated the wood aesthetic, they could do better with some cushions. Choose a spot with wide logs as seats. My seat was a bit too small so I ended up standing by the balcony instead. Not complaining though — the view made up for it. Another tip — bring binoculars. You might chance upon a raptor or even the Philippine eagle in the sky.

Interested in visiting Kidbu Cafe? Visit their Facebook page to learn more about the place. See map here.

Kidbu Cafe is our first entry in the series I am creating called BUDA Caffeine Quest. Watch out for our second entry next week. See you around!


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