Lachi’s Sans Rival: A Restaurant Without Rival

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Lachi's Sans Rival
Lachi’s Sans Rival is Davao’s unrivaled comfort food spot.

I think a lot of us will agree that nothing beats a home-cooked meal. There’s something about food prepared at home that makes it more flavorful and appealing. Lachi’s Sans Rival ATBP, or simply Lachi’s is a home-style restaurant in Davao that serves some of the most popular plates in the city.

Where to Find Lachi’s

Lachi’s is one of the many quaint little restaurants in Marfori Heights, an old residential area that’s considered a millionaire’s village. Marfori Heights is home to a good number of cafes and family-owned restaurants; some located just right outside the owner’s homes.

Lachi's Cute Decor
Lachi’s interior is very cute, their theme changes with the current festivals or season.

There are jeepneys that ply the route close to Lachi’s Sans Rival but there are none that can actually take you to the restaurant’s front door. You best bet to reach the restaurant without walking downhill is via taxi. Simply ask the driver to take you to Lachi’s. If for some reason he does not know where it is, just ask to be taken to Values School in Marfori, the building is right across Green Coffee.


Lachi's Unforgettable Grilled Pork Ribs
Lachi’s Unforgettable Grilled Pork Ribs is undoubtedly their most popular dish!

The Unforgettable Grilled Pork Ribs is one of the most popular, if not THE most popular dish at Lachi’s and is indeed unforgettable! The melt-in-your-mouth pork dish is the reason why there is always a line to get to a table at the restaurant even on weekdays.

Lachi's Oriental Pork Surprise
Lachi’s Oriental Pork Surprise is a huge serving of delectable sweet-spicy pork with rice.

Lachi’s food servings are quite large; most dishes already come with a serving of steamed white rice and a side of vegetables. Other popular menu selections are Dad’s Paksiw na Lechon, Beef Salpicao and Arroz a la Cubana. The restaurant prides itself in using only the finest ingredients for their mouth-watering comfort food.

Lachi's Tocino Tango
Lachi’s Tocino Tango is normally breakfast fare but is great anytime of the day!

The Best Sans Rival in Town!

Aside from the comfort food, Lachi’s also serves excellent cakes and pastries. Their Sans Rival is the best in the city and comes in three flavors: classic, durian and mocha. Needless to say, the durian sans rival is a must-try especially for visitors of Davao City. I assure you that you’ll never taste durian the same way ever again.

Lachi's Sans Rival
The famous Lachi’s Sans Rival!

Sans rival is a dessert much like a silvana, only bigger. This dessert cake is a delicious layering of chopped nuts (often cashews), merengue and buttercream. It is a dessert with rival, hence the name. Sans rival is great with coffee which Lachi’s also serves.

Lachi's Coffee Selection
Lachi’s also serves excellent coffee to go with their pastries.

Lachi’s Cake Shops

In recent years, Lachi’s has opened two take-out cake shops: one along Tulip Drive in Matina, and another inside SM City Davao. These places offer the best of Lachi’s cakes and pastries to go. Aside from their Sans Rival, I recommend trying their chocolate torte cake and blueberry cheesecake.

Great Value, Great Taste

Food at Lachi’s Sans Rival is not cheap but well worth the cost. A meal for two adults with dessert and drinks will cost upwards of PhP1000. For the excellent flavor, comfy dining room and excellent service, it’s great value for your money.

Insider Tip: Make a reservation and order ahead if you can. This way you don’t have to wait outside (the dining room is very small) to be seated.

Lachi's Dining Room
The dining room at Lachi’s Sans Rival is quite small but looks very homey.

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