Stand Up Paddling SUP Tours in the Philippines

Water activities are some of the most popular things to do when visiting the Philippines. What with thousands of beaches, river, waterfalls and lakes on offer, there’s simply no question about getting a little wet while having fun. It’s all part of the Philippines experience. And just when you thought you’ve tried all manner of water activities, stand up paddling or boarding comes along.

Stand up paddling, more commonly called SUP, has been around since the ancient times but has not gained its well-deserved popularity until recently. First it was simply a surfer’s way of getting further out into the ocean in Hawaii, now it’s also everybody’s ticket to exploring the wonders of the sea or a river with a little more excitement than just sitting on a boat.

SUP-ing owes its growing popularity to the fact that it is easy to learn. While it does not mean that you can simply get on a board and paddle away, getting familiar and comfortable with the gear takes a very short time (less than an hour of training for some). Another plus for stand up paddling is the amount of exercise it provides. As you paddle your way down a tranquil river, you would not even realize you’re working out. How’s that for hitting two birds with one stone?

SUP-ing in the Philippines is an emerging activity in places like Bohol, Coron and Dumaguete. There’s no need to emphasize on how beautiful this country is especially for nature lovers. SUP-ing down rivers makes the experience more unique and unforgettable compared to when you are joining a cruise. Sure, a cruise means you get to take more stunning photos but a lot would also agree that nothing is more vivid than memories captured by one’s own eyes!

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