Must See: Malagos Bird Show


Climate change is a real problem that all of us are aware of but often just brush off. Why? I think it’s because the discussion involves big words and (let’s face it), boredom. At Malagos Garden Resort, it’s a different story! Climate change and environmental awareness become fun topics through their Interactive Bird Show. Malagos […]

Where to Find the Best Durian in Davao City

Best Durian in Davao

I’ve always said that the best time to go to Davao City is in August. For one thing, the world-famous Kadayawan Festival is held mid-month, with activities and events happening all month long. Plus it is also the best time to try out durian in Davao City. And it’s not just durian, the best Davao […]

Adventure in Small Doses: Eden Nature Park Day Tours

Mayumi's Wishing Well

Davao City promises its visitors an “islands to highlands” experience. Last week we took you to Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort as part of the “islands” part of the adventure. This week drove to Eden Nature Park & Resort to bring you the “highlands” part of the Davao City promise. Eden Nature Park is […]

Davao Attractions: The Must-Sees and Must-Dos

Eden Nature Park

There are many places to look forward to when coming to Davao City. Aside from the warm greetings from the people and the delicious food that the city has to offer, it is being sought after because of the sights, attractions and places that people can visit to relax, enjoy, and have fun all throughout […]