Eden Nature Park: A Gorgeous Mountain Hideaway

Sky Cycle adventure at Eden Nature Park

Davao City is known for a lot of things: its clean, peaceful streets, honest cab drivers, exotic fruits and affordable cost of living. This city sitting at the foot of the majestic Mt. Apo offers a lot to the curious and adventurous but it also does not run short of attractions for those looking for […]

Planning to Travel to Davao?

Located along the shores of Davao Gulf in the island of Mindanao, Philippines, Davao City is a breathtaking city blessed with natural beauty and obvious modernity. It is considered as one of the key cities in the Philippines, along with Metro Manila and Cebu City. Davao is the most progressive city in the south, known […]

Pamulak sa Dalan Kadayawan Floral Float Parade in Davao City

Millions of flowers adorning giant people, colorful fruits and vegetables adding to the allure of the floats, tourists and locals excitedly waiting in the sidewalks and camera bulbs flashing at every opportunity: these are scenes typical in every Pamulak sa Dalan in Davao City. It was a visual feast aimed to please everyone who takes […]

Hiyas ng Kadayawan Beauty Pageant

It was a pageant like no other: no long and bulky gowns and definitely no skimpy swim suits. Hiyas ng Kadayawan is a search for the perfect role model of a modern Dabawenya (Davao woman) among the ten tribes that reside in Davao city. No minimum height required; only unique beauty, confidence and a sense […]

Davao Claims to Fame

Philippine Eagle Davao

Aside from the abundant fresh waters, delectable seafood and fruits, and friendly people, Davao City is also best known for some of the most unique and interesting things. Philippine Eagle: The King of all Birds” The Philippine Eagle is perhaps the most prominent among all Davao claims to fame. The Philippine Eagle is commonly known […]