5 Fun New Things to Do in Davao City

Davao City has become a very fun place to be in recent years. Aside from at least three additional malls, the city has become home to plenty of exciting places both tourists and locals can enjoy.

Malagos Garden Resort, Davao City

Waling-waling (vanda sanderiana

When in Davao City, one of the places you must visit is Malagos Garden Resort, an inland resort in the uptown area called Baguio District. Malagos Garden Resort is close to the Philippine Eagle Center, the conservation site of the Philippine Eagle Foundation. Malagos Garden Resort is a 12-hectare property that sits in the city’s […]

Adventure in Small Doses: Eden Nature Park Day Tours

Mayumi's Wishing Well

Davao City promises its visitors an “islands to highlands” experience. Last week we took you to Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort as part of the “islands” part of the adventure. This week drove to Eden Nature Park & Resort to bring you the “highlands” part of the Davao City promise. Eden Nature Park is […]

Eden Nature Park: A Gorgeous Mountain Hideaway

Sky Cycle adventure at Eden Nature Park

Davao City is known for a lot of things: its clean, peaceful streets, honest cab drivers, exotic fruits and affordable cost of living. This city sitting at the foot of the majestic Mt. Apo offers a lot to the curious and adventurous but it also does not run short of attractions for those looking for […]