Tinago Falls – Hidden Secrets Unraveled

ILIGAN CITY – They call it “Land of the Majestic Waterfalls” and, rightly so, the Tourism department could not have coined a better title for one of Northern Mindanao’s growing cities blessed with more than 20 waterfalls. The locals here couldn’t agree more. The mere mention of “Iligan City” easily conjures up breath-taking vistas, like […]

Iligan City, Philippines

photo byalingatong on flickr Iligan is a small city located about 800 kilometers south of Manila and lying on the northeastern side of Mindanao. Dubbed as the “City of Waterfalls” and the “Industrial City of the South”, this little town has been known for its tourism potential and economic sustainability. The 81,340 hectares (813.40 sq. […]