10 Must-Dos to Stay Safe in the Philippines

10 Must-Dos to Stay Safe in the Philippines

Safety is one of the most important considerations when traveling. It does not matter if you’re swashbuckling in the Amazon, beachcombing in the Philippines or cruising in the Caribbean – your safety must be your #1 priority. Along with your enjoyment, it is important that you stay safe in the Philippines or in any other […]

Staying Healthy in the Philippines


You already have your airline tickets, hotel accommodations and tour packages all taken care of. Your swimwear and snorkel gear are already neatly packed in your fancy suitcase. Are you ready to fly to the Philippines? Not just yet! When traveling to the Philippines (or any tropical destination for that matter), there are essential things […]

Budget Travel in the Philippines

Banana Boat Ride in Boracay

Traveling to the Philippines is already cheap as it is. A holiday in the islands would probably be one of the cheapest you will ever experience. And we don’t mean cheap-tacky, we mean cheap-best value. In fact, Lonely Planet just named Palawan, Philippines as one of the top 10 best value destinations for 2014. Now […]