Is The Philippines Safe for Travel? Crime, Health & Safety Issues

Before embarking on a trip, we always wonder if it’s safe and go to lengths to make sure that we will be. Safety and security is one of the most important considerations in trip planning. If you are traveling to the Philippines, you’d want to make sure that you don’t run into trouble that can […]

10 Must-Dos to Stay Safe in the Philippines

10 Must-Dos to Stay Safe in the Philippines

Safety is one of the most important considerations when traveling. It does not matter if you’re swashbuckling in the Amazon, beachcombing in the Philippines or cruising in the Caribbean – your safety must be your #1 priority. Along with your enjoyment, it is important that you stay safe in the Philippines or in any other […]

7 Tips for First Time Solo Female Travel

They say a woman’s bucket list must include solo travel. As daunting and scary as the idea seems, solo female travel can actually be a life-changing experience. Being on your lonesome can open your eyes to a different perspective but as always, it can also pose a few risks. Solo female travel is not something […]

Staying Healthy in the Philippines


You already have your airline tickets, hotel accommodations and tour packages all taken care of. Your swimwear and snorkel gear are already neatly packed in your fancy suitcase. Are you ready to fly to the Philippines? Not just yet! When traveling to the Philippines (or any tropical destination for that matter), there are essential things […]