The Taoist Temple in Cebu

Cebu Taoist Temple
On Top of Taoist Temple

The Taoist Temple in Cebu is one of the most popular places to visit in Cebu City. It is located in Beverly Hills Subdivision in Lahug, which is known as the millionaire’s quarter of Cebu. The Chinese community of Cebu built this temple in 1972, on top of a small hill overlooking the city. The temple is the center of Taoism in Cebu and is open to worshippers and non-worshippers alike. It is 980 feet above sea level and would take a total of 81 steps to reach the top from the entrance.

81 Steps Represents 81 chapters of Taoist ccriptures
Walking up the stairs of the temple.

In this place, you’ll appreciate the Chinese architecture, quiet environment and scenic views from above. Observe silence as devotees pray inside the temple. The smell of incense Joss sticks somehow aids relaxation and a sense of well being to all that enter the prayer room. I really enjoyed looking at the big dragon sculptures on top of the roofs and on the grounds. There are Buddhas inside the prayer room and white stone lion statues guarding the temple. We were able to throw coins into the wishing well and enjoyed watching the fish pond with colorful Koi fishes. Another amazing find is that the entrance to the temple replicates that of the Great Wall of China.

The Cebu Taoist Temple Entrance
The temple entrance replicates that of the Great Wall of China.
A dragon on the roof of Taoist Temple
A dragon on the roof of Taoist Temple

Taking pictures inside the prayer room is prohibited; however, taking shots on other parts of the temple is permitted. We must also observe silence at all times as it is a place of worship and meditation. At the top of the temple is a scenic view of downtown Cebu, Mactan and Bohol island. Before heading home, take time to visit their souvenir shop, as there have lots of Chinese collectibles for sale like bracelets and rings.

About Taoism

Taoism takes its name from the word “Tao” meaning “the path” or “the way.”  Lao-Tzu was the father of Taoism and is the main source of knowledge related to Taoist beliefs. It is believed that Taoist practices strengthen the body and helps balance our minds and emotions.

Simple Rules To Remember

  • Taking pictures inside the prayer room where we can find the Buddhas and sacred objects is prohibited.
  • Silence is required at all times.
  • The guards of the temple are not permitted to take your pictures.
  • Throwing coins in the Koi pond are not permitted because it is not a wishing well.

Getting To The Temple

The Taoist Temple is just a 15-minute drive from downtown Cebu City without traffic. If you have a car, a big parking area is waiting for you. If you are the adventurous type and like to walk, you can take a motorcycle/habalhabal near JY Mall in Lahug until you’ve reached the guard house of the Beverly Hills subdivision. Motorcycles are not permitted to enter the vicinity, so you have to hike another 15-20 minutes to reach the temple. You will not get bored on your way because you will enjoy watching the mansions of Beverly Hills, which are the homes of the rich and famous.

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