Yakimix Buffet: PH’s #1 Smokeless Grill

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I am a mall rat; no weekend ever passes without me going to a mall in Davao City to either shop or to imply stroll around and people watch. More often than not, we scout for new places to dine at we’ve always wanted to try out Yakimix Buffet in Abreeza Ayala Mall.

I’ve been wondering why there was always a line waiting outside of the popular buffet restaurant. Every time we decide to have lunch there, we backed out because of the long wait. But we finally had the sense to make dinner reservations to avoid the line and get first dibs on the buffet.

Dining table at Yakimix Buffet. Right in the middle is the smokeless grill.

Best Smokeless Grill in PH

Yakimix Buffet is a Japanese fusion restaurant that prides itself to be the #1 Smokeless Grill Restaurant in the Philippines. They have several locations in Metro Manila and one in Davao City. Munchpunch classifies Yakimix Buffet as Japanese Casual Dining so I expected a lot of Japanese food and just few dishes that have a Filipino twist.

But being Asian, Japanese flavors are quite pleasant to my taste buds. In fact, I love sushi and constantly have a craving for it. I can make good homemade sushi but those prepared by trained hands are the best. Sure enough, Yakimix Buffet delivered on the sushi!

The elegant buffet table.

The first thing I went for was the sushi bar! I just grabbed whatever I could reach and indulged. It was a kind of high for me, and so was it for my husband. He was particularly in heaven with the grill. He liked that he can prepare the food on the table and Adie was very fascinated just looking at the food changing colors.

My first plate of sushi.
Yakimix Buffet sashimi
And my second!

But I have to admit that I was a little unimpressed by the offerings at Yakimix Buffet. Sure, I loved the sushi and the unlimited drinks (their house blend iced tea was the bomb!) but there was very little choice when it comes to other dishes considering we were dining on a weekend.

Adie enjoyed the chocolate fondue and I saw some kids keep coming back to the DIY halo-halo station but the hot-dishes were not kid-friendly. There were plenty of oysters, prawn, even squid to grill but nothing a kid would thoroughly devour right away.

Final Thoughts on Yakimix Buffet

Overall, I am quite disappointed by Yakimix Buffet. Again, I loved the sushi but I could have gone to a different Japanese place if that’s all I can get from them. At their expensive per head rate of P599 per head, I expected to have more than what they offered in their buffet.

Would I recommend it? Yes, I probably still will especially if you’re up for eating a ridiculous amount of sushi and sashimi. Also if you like grilling your own food.

Yakimix Buffet smokeless grill
Seafood cooking right on our table at Yakimix Buffet.

PS. Yakimix Buffet does not allow taking photos or videos in the buffet area but I was lucky enough to take some footage before I was asked to turn off my camera. Check out what I captured in the video posted at the top of the page.