Key Cities in Mindanao

Durian Monument

Mindanao is not called the “Land of Promise” for nothing. The second largest island in the Philippines is a picturesque paradise teeming with white sand beaches, winding rivers, majestic mountains and hidden waterfalls. It is also a veritable playground for outdoor lovers who spend their leisure time climbing mountains and exploring caves. Key cities in […]

Popular Restaurants on Boracay Island

Jonah's Fruitshake

With so many awards as the best beach destination in the world, we’re pretty sure you’re itching to pack your summer gear and fly to Boracay Island in the Philippines. This small island in the Visayas has remained a favorite for international travelers looking to catch some sun, get a tan and experience the bohemian […]

Languages in the Philippines

Languages in the Philippines are diverse; striving to understand and learn all of them may take years. However, it is not necessary for visitors to actually speak the language of his destination in the Philippine Islands. While it would be nice to learn a few phrases, it may only serve to have a sort of […]

Weather in the Philippines

The Philippines is a tropical country which lies pretty close to the equator. It is also close to the Pacific Ocean which has a great factor in its climate. The archipelago’s climate can be classified as humid subtropical, tropical monsoon, tropical savanna and tropical rainforest. The country has two pronounced seasons: the wet and the […]

Cities in the Philippines

There are 143 cities in the Philippines according to the National Statistical Coordination Board. About one fourth of these are considered highly urbanized with a population of 200,000 or more. The 3 largest cities (Quezon City, Manila and Caloocan) are all located in Metro Manila. Following these are Davao City on Mindanao and Cebu City […]

Philippine Flag

Philippines Flag Blowing in the Wind

  Every element of the Philippine Flag has some sort of symbolism. This design was conceptualized by Emilio Aguinaldo while he was in exile in Hong Kong. The white triangle stands for equality and fraternity. The blue field for peace, truth and justice. The red field for patriotism and valor. The white triangle has three […]

The Philippines: Pearl of the Orient

The Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands located in Southeast Asia. It is situated approximately 750 miles from mainland Asia and is considered an ideal springboard for travels within the region. The Philippines is blessed with a tropical climate, miles of palm-lined white sand beaches, challenging summits, enchanting rivers and countless tour providers to […]

Regions of the Philippines and Key Tourist Attractions

© Eugene Alvin Villar, 2003The Philippine Islands is divided into 17 regions mainly for easier distribution of resources. These regions contain provinces which are then subdivided into cities and towns; each region boasts of different attractions waiting to be discovered by travelers. Let us take you through the regions of the Philippines and what they […]

Philippine History

The arrival of the Spaniards and the defeat of native Rajah Sulayman started the 333-year colonial period of the Philippines. Augustinian and Franciscan friars together with Spanish soldiers went from island to island setting up forts, looking for gold and spices, as well as spreading Christianity. The Roman Catholic faith was embraced by most of […]