Malagos Garden Resort Restaurant Review

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I’ve already talked about how much we loved Malagos Garden Resort and their Sunday Interactive Bird Show. The resort in the uptown area of Davao City is indeed a must-visit for first-time visitors and even locals who are looking for a quick escape from the busy city.

The four-level tree house in the middle of the playground at Malagos Garden Resort.

But what about food? Guests can bring their own food and drinks but just in case you’re like us who just like to get up and go, Malagos Garden Resort Restaurant comes in really handy.

Malagos Garden Resort is a huge garden resort that guests can explore on foot or on a horse/carabao-drawn cart. Sight-seeing and communing with nature will leave you in awe of the place. All the exploring will also give you a hankering for good food!

The Bird Show

The sunken amphitheater where the bird show is staged.

It was a Sunday when we visited Malagos Garden Resort so we took advantage of the Bird Show and Buffet Lunch Day Tour Package. We arrived just in time for the Malagos Bird Show at 10:30AM. By the time the show ended, we were craving for some good food.

Stubs for the buffet were issued upon registration at the front desk so all we had to do was walk to the restaurant and head straight to the buffet area.

The restaurant looks like a pub in a town in Middle Earth, don’t you think?

The Restaurant

Malagos Garden Resort Restaurant did not disappoint! The place looked really charming and homey. The restaurant decor features the fabric tinalak on their tablecloths and wait staff uniforms — so Dabawenyo! There was live music courtesy of a pianist in one corner of the restaurant.

The restaurant was well-lit but not too bright. To me it resembled a Malayan house with a high ceiling which made the place look bigger than it actually is. The open windows made the place well-ventilated; we enjoyed a slight breeze sitting by one of them.

The crowded yet well-lit and spacious dining room.

The Food

The food was also superb. They served classic Filipino dishes like chicken barbecue, chopsuey (vegetable stir fry), sotanghon guisado (vermicelli), pork binagoongan (pork cooked in shrimp paste) and filleted cream dory. There was also a salad bar and some fresh fruits.

Malagos-Garden-Resort-Restaurant-plate 1
My husband’s first round. Clockwise: filleted cream dory, chopsuey, sotanghon guiasado, pork binagoongan.

The culinary offerings of Malagos Garden Resort Restaurant were delicious and it was a challenge to not keep going back to the buffet table for more. Flavor-wise, Malagos Garden Restaurant is excellent. The service is also great. What they lacked in variety, they compensated with the well-seasoned dishes on offer.

Malagos-Garden-Resort-Restaurant-plate 2
My meal: pretty much the same dishes plus the pumpkin soup, vegetable salad and chicken barbecue. And Adie’s excited hands.

Also, drinks were not included in the buffet package. Unlike most buffet restaurants where there is at least one round of drinks included in the rate, diners would have to pay extra for their beverage of choice at Malagos Garden Resort Restaurant.

Overall, I would still recommend taking advantage of the buffet/bird show package that’s available only during Sundays. Other day tour packages are available on other days which include set lunch or packed snacks from Malagos Garden Resort Restaurant. Reservations are encouraged but walk-ins are also welcome.

For more information about tours and accommodations at Malagos Garden Resort, you may visit their website www.malagos.com.

(This is the last of a 3-part series on Malagos Garden Resort. See the resort review here and the Interactive Bird Show review here.)