MamBoss Café: The Homey Place to Be

If you’re looking for a homey, vintage-y coffee shop to hang out in in Davao City, we’ve found it for you! My family and I just discovered a quaint café that has everything I am looking for: MamBoss Café.

Let me tell you a little back story: I’ve always been a fan of Tata Benito’s Café located in Legaspi Street. It was right next to Clothes Bar, a cute boutique that sells bohemian-style clothes. I’ve hung out there a lot of times with friends and by myself before it closed all of a sudden. Even the boutique closed.

Clothes Bar, one of my favorite boutiques in the city.

Clothes Bar, one of my favorite boutiques in the city.

Then I found out that Clothes Bar transferred to different location. I ordered a few of their pieces online and went out to pick them up in store. That was when I found MamBoss Café. As it turns out, Tata Benito’s and Clothes Bar are owned by the same couple. Tata Benitos is resurrected and is now MamBoss Café.

Where to Find MamBoss Café

MamBoss Cafe

MamBoss Cafe

The café is one of the many shops at Don Dionisio Building, along Cabaguio Avenue. The complex is a walking distance from Southern Philippines Medical Center, Metropolis Hotel and the Longhua Buddhist Temple. MamBoss Café is in the same building as the Center for Asian Culinary Arts.

Don Dionisio Building

Don Dionisio Building (not our car, btw)

To get there from downtown Davao, you can ride a Route 4 jeepney and just ask to be dropped off at NSO (National Statistics Office).

Exceptional Food and Great Coffee

MamBoss Café offers quite a wide array of hot dishes, snacks and beverages. Aside from the usual café fare like cakes, pastries and coffee, they serve steaks, all-day breakfast meals, salads and desserts including all-time favorite halo-halo.

MamBoss Cafe Menu Chalkboard

Creatively scribbled extended menu.

We visited well after dinnertime so we just had coffee while the little girl had strawberry milkshake. She thoroughly enjoyed her drink while doing her homework. You can watch it on the video review on the Philippine Traveler YouTube channel.

We also had the MamBoss Clubhouse sandwich which was really good. The flavor was excellent and it came with a side of tender baby potatoes. One serving was enough for two people.

MamBoss Clubhouse

MamBoss Clubhouse sandwich and the bottom of their quirky coffee mug.

Boho-Vintage Feels

MamBoss Cafe outdoor seating

MamBoss Cafe outdoor seating

Aside from the food, what I really liked about Mamboss Café is the ambiance. Don Dionisio building is surrounded by a good number of old trees that provide natural shade. MamBoss Café is located in a corner so there’s plenty of room for outdoor seating.

Cutesy vine growing out of an old wine bottle.

Cutesy vine growing out of an old wine bottle.

The greenery nicely compliments the boho-chic décor and furniture. Plus there’s a lot of vintage stuff that go well with the entire theme. I’m no interior design expert but I sure loved the feel of the place. I don’t know what MamBoss really means but I’m guessing it’s the owner couple’s terms of endearment.

Vintage stuff on display at MamBoss Cafe.

Vintage stuff on display at MamBoss Cafe.

An old telephone and a not-so-old CRT TV set.

An old telephone and a not-so-old CRT TV set.

MamBoss Café being right next to a boutique is a huge bonus! MamBoss Café is open Mondays to Saturdays 10AM to 9:30PM.

Here’s to hoping they’ll close at a later hour because I’m sure a lot of people will want to stay longer at this fantastic café! I am definitely one of them.


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