5 Fun New Things to Do in Davao City

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Davao City has become a very fun place to be in recent years. Aside from at least three additional malls, Davao has become home to plenty of exciting places for both tourists and locals.

If you’re looking for new things to try while in Davao City, here are 5 things you must not miss.


Roxas Avenue transforms into a cornucopia of food, fruits, drinks, bargains and massage corners when the sun comes down. The Roxas night market is the best place to sample the best of Davao street food. Balut, barbecue, chicken inasal, grilled seafood, fried chicken skin, fresh fruit, charcoal ice cream — name it, the vendors have it. After you gorge on the street food, you can bargain shop for clothes, shoes, bags and stuffed toys. And when your feet are too sore to walk, the massage therapists nearby will be happy to provide relief.

Location: Roxas Avenue (right outside of Ateneo de Davao University


© Jeff Pioquinto, SJ on Flickr

The name sounds morbid but don’t worry, the bones in this museum are from animals. With over 700 species in their collection, Davao’s D’ Bone Collector Museum has the biggest of its kind in the country. The president and curator, Darell Blatchley, has become an authority in the conservation of animal carcasses. Because of this, he is often called upon to rescue or retrieve those that have been found in the shores near Davao City. The museum houses a huge skeleton of a 41-foot sperm whale, a grizzly bear, several shark species and other marine creatures, among others. A visit to the museum is a great learning experience especially of you have kids.

Location: San Pedro Street


Museum visits don’t get as fun as this! If you’re looking for a gram-worthy spot, the Upside Down House Museum will definitely not disappoint your Instagram followers. The museum is a simple house with the typical furniture in place, only everything is nailed to the ceiling so looks upside down! For P250, you can take as many photos of you and your friends drinking tea hanging from the ceiling or squatting with your head at the mouth of a toilet. The possibilities are almost endless!

Location: Dacudao Avenue


Play is the best form of exercise and Altitude Trampoline Park is one of the best new places for play in Davao City. The place features a video game arcade, a ball pit a huge trampoline arena and a great restaurant. There is definitely something for everyone. Outback Grill, one of Davao’s best restaurants, has transferred to this location. And they brought their excellent fare of grilled goods and giant burgers and then some more.

Location: J. P. Laurel Avenue (a short walk from SM Lanang Premier)


Sky Adventures has always been a huge attraction at Eden Nature Park, more so now that they have the highest swing in the city. If you fancy a thrilling ride with a most wonderful view, go ahead and try the swing. I cannot guarantee that you will enjoy the view for long though, the altitude will most likely take your breath away. While you’re at it, try biking in the sky and if you have kids, have them have a go on the zip line. Eden Nature Park has something exciting for everyone!

Location: Eden Bayabas, Toril

There are probably a lot more new fun things to do in Davao City. With buildings and businesses opening left, right and center, there’s bound to be a new attraction somewhere in the city. Want to practice your archery skills? You can go to Gaisano Mall’s Gandiva. Want a unique massage? Why not get massaged by a giant python at Crocodile Park. There is so much you can do in Davao City!