7 Philippine Destinations to Visit in 2016

Philippine Destinations to Visit in 2016: Island Hopping in Samal

It’s another year, Philippine Travelers! A full leap year to explore the wonderful islands that is the Philippines. While I cannot claim to have seen every nook and cranny of my country, I do know where the great places are. So I’ve come up with 7 Philippine Destinations to Visit in 2016. Luzon Batanes This […]

Best Spas on Boracay Island


More and more travelers come to Boracay Island not just for the sheer beauty of its beaches. With the emergence of more stunning (albeit rustic) beaches destinations in Palawan and other islands, Boracay’s local businesses have become more invested in the wellness industry. People don’t just make the trip to the World’s Best Island for […]

Most Romantic Destinations in the Philippines

Boracay Island

February brings the promise of romance, sweet nothings, flowers and idyllic escapes. The entire month is laden with everything red and pink; women start to primp themselves and men suddenly become more generous, planning surprises and secret travels. The Filipinos being some of the friendliest and most accommodating people in the world, it comes as […]

Mountain Climbing in the Philippines

Mt. Pulag

Mountain climbing is easily one of the most exciting adventures a traveler can experience anywhere in the world. The thrill of reaching summits, discovering unique flora and fauna and swimming in hidden waterfall basins are just some of the reasons why a climber endures the hardships and risks his neck during a climb. Being a […]

Best Beaches in Mindanao

White Island Camiguin

Despite having a notorious reputation among the traveling circuit, Mindanao, the second-largest island in the Philippines, remains to be a beautiful and interesting place to visit. If at all, the often blown-up reputation has worked to an advantage: Mindanao’s attractions have remained far from the clutches of too much commercialism. Rainforests are still intact, cultures […]

Best Dive Sites in the Philippines

Aside from being known as one huge sandbox frequented by beach lovers and sun worshippers from all over the world, the Philippines is also an extremely popular destination for divers. This group of islands in the Pacific is blessed with diverse marine life, clean emerald waters and interesting shipwrecks that excite even the most seasoned […]

Treasure Hunt: The Best Museums in the Philippines

A visit to the Philippines is never complete without walking through its museums and experiencing the country’s rich history and heritage first hand. As a country colonized by Spanish, American and Japanese powers in the past, the Philippines holds a vast collection of artifacts and art related to these years plus a dozen other things […]

Most Beautiful Beaches in the Philippines

We already know that the Philippines is a huge sandbox tucked away in Southeast Asia, right between the South China Sea and Pacific Ocean. The 7,107 islands provide the perfect excuse to trade the leather shoes for flip-flops, don a bathing suit and soak up the rays of the tropical sun. Picking the most beautiful […]