7 Philippine Destinations to Visit in 2021

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It’s another year, Philippine Travelers! A full year to explore the wonderful islands that is the Philippines. While I cannot claim to have seen every nook and cranny of my country, I do know where the great places are. So I’ve come up with 7 Philippine Destinations to Visit in 2021. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a COVID-19 vaccine to be released soon!



Philippine Destinations to Visit in 2016: Batanes Marlboro Country
Batanes’ Marlboro Country © Allan Ascano on flickr

This elusive Philippine destination is one for the books this year. Batanes is a coveted destination because of its beauty and exclusivity; flights are very expensive and quite rare to come by. Batanes is located in the northernmost part of the Philippines, right smack in the South China Sea.

Philippine Destinations to Visit in 2016: Batanes Fundacion Pacita
Fundacion Pacita © jlgavino on flickr

Batanes is known for its pasture lands that resemble that of New Zealand’s, if not better. There’s also the Honesty Shop where customers can just take what they need and leave the payment in a box. The capital Basco is in Batan lsland where the famous Fundacion Pacita Nature Lodge is located. The property is a mesmerizing work of art set on rolling hills with wonderful views of the sea. It is own by the artist Pacita Abad. Also, don’t forget to indulge in islands’ unique cuisine, mostly of seafood (read: LOBSTER!)


Philippine Destinations to Visit in 2016: Lucban Kiping
Decor made of kiping wafer © Paul David on flickr

Best known for its harvest festival Pahiyas, this town in the Quezon Province will be a gem to visit! Lucban’s Pahiyas Festival falls on a weekend so it’s the best time to experience the colorful extravaganza held in honor of San Isidro Labrador. Lucban is just a few hours scenic ride from Metro Manila via private car or bus making it perfect for a quick weekend getaway or even an extended one.

Philippine Destinations to Visit in 2016: Lucban Longganisa
Lucban Longganisa © dihay on flickr

Bring your cameras and happily snap shots of the colorful décor that adorn the houses. Try kiping, a rice wafer that is made in different vibrant colors. Kiping takes centerstage during Pahiyas as chandeliers, garlands and other embellishments. Also sample pansit habhab, a noodle dish served on a piece of banana leaf and eaten without a spoon or fork. And don’t forget to take home longganisang Lucban, a local sausage known for its distinct garlicky flavor.



You’re in for a culinary treat if you visit Iloilo, undoubtedly one of the best Philippine destinations to visit in 2021. Located on the island of Panay, this old city is equal parts charming and gastronomic. The old churches are incredibly preserved; most of them date back to the Spanish era. And the food is simply divine that you will probably gain a few pounds before you leave!

Iloilo is known for its old churches like the Miag-ao Church which is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Marvel at the beauty of Gigantes Island; take your snorkels and GoPros because you will not be able to resist the water! And while exploring Iloilo City, drop by La Paz market for a large bowl of the infamous batchoy.


Philippine Destinations to Visit in 2016: Silliman University Dumaguete
Silliman University © Eugene on flickr

This college town is a must visit when in the Visayas. Dumaguete is just a couple hours fast craft ride from Cebu City, ample time to rest up because the streets in this city are meant for walking! Dumaguete is a charming old city known as “The City of Gentle People”. It is also a popular retirement destination for expatriates looking to spend their golden years in the Philippines.

Philippine Destinations to Visit in 2016: Rizal Boulevard Dumaguete
Rizal Boulevard Promenade © Cristian Bortes on flickr

While in Dumaguete, don’t miss visiting Silliman University, the most prominent college in the city and the oldest American-founded university in Asia. Spend an afternoon strolling along Rizal Boulevard and every now and then stop at any of the food stalls selling cheap (yet delicious) eats. If you’re visiting between March and October, find time to visit nearby Bais for some dolphin and whale-watching.


Talicud Island

Philippine Destinations to Visit in 2016: Talicud Island
Talicud Island © Mark Onod on flickr

We’re all familiar with Samal Island (formally Island Garden City of Samal) but we seldom hear about Talicud, a very short boat ride from mainland Samal. Talicud Island is a largely unspoiled paradise with pristine beaches and lush vegetation. There are quite a lot of resorts on the island but developments have not affected its beauty.

Philippine Destinations to Visit in 2016: Island Hopping in Samal
Island hopping boat © I Travel Philippines

Talicud Island is perfect for water lovers. Aside from enjoying the clear blue waters, you can also go underwater and explore the coral gardens in the area. When available, a plethora of water sports can be enjoyed as well. You can also go island hopping or simply enjoy a quiet time by the sea. Talicud Island’s location at the back part of Samal makes for exclusivity some of us seek during vacations.

Surigao del Norte

Philippine Destinations to Visit in 2016: Siargao
Siargao © jojoscope on flickr

The ultimate sun, sea and sand adventure awaits in this Philippine destination to visit in 2021. The world surfing circuit has definitely heard of or even already surfed the swells of Cloud 9 in Siargao Island but there’s a lot more on offer even for non-surfers. Siargao Island’s boho vibe is perfect for the traveller looking for a laid-back time just listening to reggae, sipping rum-coke and watching beautiful sunsets.

Philippine Destinations to Visit in 2016: Bucas Grande Surigao del Norte
Bucas Grande © kciryem080 on flickr

Surigao del Norte’s waters are also perfect for sport fishing. Avid anglers and even beginners will have a grand time looking for the perfect catch. Spelunking is also a great past time since the interesting caves abound in the region. Perhaps your kind of adventure involves jellyfish? Head over to Bucas Grande and the Sohoton National Park to swim with stingless jellyfish and just enjoy nature in its purest form.


Philippine Destinations to Visit in 2016: Bukidnon
Bukidnon countryside © jojo nicdao on flickr

The Summer Capital of Mindanao is slowly making a name in domestic tourism. Bukidnon, the land-locked province in Mindanao is a destination worth visiting this year. The mild weather is one of its main draws, as well as the sweetest pineapples and the freshest of vegetables. You can say that Bukidnon is the Baguio of Mindanao, minus the traffic, congestion and perilous roads.

Philippine Destinations to Visit in 2016: Bukidnon Dahilayan Adventure Park
Dahilayan Adventure Park © Raleene Cabrera on flickr

Experience the ride of your life at Dahilayan Adventure Park’s zipline which is known to be one of the longest in Asia. There’s also Kampo Juan’s adrenaline rush-inducing suspended bridge that’s 165 meters above a river, a river! Bukidnon has plenty of natural springs so after your adventures, you can relax in one of them. Or maybe you can have a peaceful retreat at the Monastery of Transfiguration and enjoy breakfast with the monks.

So there you have it, my recommended 7 Philippine destinations to visit in 2021. Have fun exploring the Philippines!