Revisiting Reel Place in Bukidnon

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Habagat season has officially commenced in the Philippines. This means excruciating heat in the daytime and torrential rains at night. So here we are dreaming of going out but can only revisit photos of our last road trip. Our farthest stop was at Reel Place in Lorega, Bukidnon before we turned back to Davao City.

We have been to Reel Place in the past. It was once our go-to place in Bukidnon because it was not too far and too crowded. Adie was about 6 when we last visited the place. She’s now 12 and with 4-year-old B, we wanted to revisit the place to see how it thrived over the years.

Surprise Beyond the Gate

Reel Place is located in Lorega, Bukidnon, past the veterinary quarantine stop. It’s on the left side of the road and you’ll have to watch out for the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Reel Place’s frontage is almost inconspicuous with just a small sign, a wooden gate and a humble entrance to their restaurant. There is a separate entrance and parking space for overnight guests.

Do not be fooled by the small wooden gate, though. The park inside is quite expansive and you’ll surely work up a sweat exploring. I know I did!

Adie and the Hanging Bridge

Much to Adie’s delight, the place has not changed at all. When we were there the last time, their overnight villas were still under construction and they were in the process of expanding their park. Adie’s favorite, the hanging bridge, is still the main attraction.

There are some changes, though. They now have ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) available for rent and their foliage is a lot more lush than it was. There are foot paths around the park lined with beautiful flowers that B wanted to pick. We did not want to spend a lot just for sight-seeing so we just paid the P50 per head entrance fee and forgot about the ATVs.

Adie went straight to the hanging bridge and wasted no time in crossing it. She asked me to take photos of her so she can compare it with our old photos. Unfortunately, I could not find our old Reel Place photos.

Things to Enjoy

Reel Place is a haven for nature lovers. Anywhere is pretty much a gram-worthy backdrop for the perfect selfie. There’s a lot of places to walk and run around and there are tables/cottages to sit when you get tired. If you’re feeling up for a dip, there is a freshwater swimming pool surrounded by trees.

You may eat at their restaurant or bring your own food. I imagine there is a corkage fee if you bring your own picnic. I forgot to inquire about this so you can just message their Facebook page.

There is a playground for kids to enjoy and a zip line across the lagoon. It would be nice to stay overnight in one of their villas and wake up to the views of this place for sure!

Photos of Reel Place

We did not stay too long at Reel Place because it was starting to drizzle. Since this post is quite short, let me make up for it in photos.

Reel Place’s Flowers

Family Photos

Parking and Villas

Reel Place Bukidnon is just one of the few places we visited during our recent random trip. Check out our other stops KidBu Cafe and Jack’s in the Sky and watch out for our next feature. See you next week!