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Coffee shops have been opening left, right, and center around Davao City and I am all for it. My friends from Adie’s old school recommended this coffee shop that not only looked chic but also had good reviews online. And the name was catchy, too! I finally had the chance to check out Palpitate Coffee Davao over the holidays. Read on to find out what I thought of this Davao coffee shop.

Where to Palpitate

Palpitate Coffee Davao is located in the middle of Davao City’s bustling business district. You can find it along Palma Gil Street in Obrero, very close to party/chill-out places like Business Class, The Third, The Lounge, and The Grid. I am not much for parties these days but I figure Palpitate’s location is perfect for a pick-me-up after a night of cocktails and greasy food.

Very Aesthetic Cafe

Aesthetic is all the rage social media and Palpitate Coffee Davao fits right in that category. The white and wood theme definitely attracts fans of minimalism. And the pops of green appeals to the “plantita/plantito” (plant parent) the recent pandemic has created in almost all Filipinos.

Almost everywhere in the two-storey cafe is Instagrammable. The place feels like it was designed with social media influencer wannabes and content creators in mind. Having said that, the overall feel of the place does not take away from the coffee shop vibe I usually gravitate towards.

Excellent Coffee and Customer Service

Palpitate Coffee Davao’s counter is manned by smiling baristas who are keen on making suggestions on your coffee choices. I appreciated that since it was my first time and did not know what their specialties are. They recommended that I order the Spanish Latte on ice. I requested the barista to go easy on the milk and add a shot of espresso. Yes, I like my coffee strong and dark and no surprise, it was really good.

I could not say the same for their sandwiches, though. I ordered their club sandwich and to my disappointment, it was quite dry and under-seasoned. Their serving size was huge but it did not make up for the dry eggs and soggy lettuce. The presentation was quite messy, too. My friend did enjoy their pasta so that’s still promising. Their double chocolate cake, while a little dry, was still heavenly.

Would I recommend Palpitate Coffee Davao?

It’s a definite YES. Palpitate Coffee Davao is a very pretty place to take photos in and I love love love the minimalist vibe. It’s a great place to meet friends since it’s close to everything in Davao. And the best part? Their coffee is nothing short of excellent — it really made my heart palpitate a little.

I would order their pasta dishes and cake for sure. I also think my kids would enjoy their all-day breakfast meals. There’s a lot more I would like to try and taste from their menu so I would definitely revisit. This coffee shop lives up to their tag line: COFFEE NOW, PALPITATE LATER.


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