Puerto Galera, Philippines

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Puerto Galera was early discovered by Spaniards. Its name means “Port of Galleon”. It is approximately 130kms South of Manila and is situated on the northern peninsula of Mindoro Island. It is separated from Luzon by the Verde Island passage which waters are flushed by the current of the South China Sea and is known for fine sand beaches, the blue sea, tourist hotels and inns, sea foods and delightfully grilled sea-side cuisine, and its unique wildlife and lush forest.

Divers frequent Puerto for pristine diving alcoves in different spots of the area. Located at the northern tip of the Philippine island of Mindoro it is a wonderful place to encounter creatures of all shapes and sizes. This area has been a marine reserve since 1973 and is so popular with divers that dozens of dive resorts line the beaches at Sabang, Small La Laguna, Big La Laguna and Coco Beach.

Galera is one of the most popular destinations especially by local Metro Manila tourists because of its proximity and accessibility to Manila on top of budget-friendly rates. Galera is the port where Spanish Galleons used to take refuge from the might of the typhoons. Letting your imagination wonder a little as you glance around the port, you can almost see the Spanish Galleons swinging on their anchors.

Puerto Galera is well known among scuba divers as one of the most interesting dive spots for macro photography because here you will find the largest number of small sea creatures on one location, more than else where in the world. Galera is a nice and easy get-away for a weekend. You can see multiple wrecks, lots of critters and big fish like Shark, Giant trevally, big snapper and many more.

Puerta Galera is one of the top diving destinations in the Philippines. Excellent diving is found less than 5 minutes from the Sabang area. Galera is home to over thirty dive sites. Most are situated less than ten minutes by boat from Frontier scuba. Puerto is good all year round, but it is a lot rainer from August to October, and if you prefer the cooler season then you should definately go around December / January.

Galera is a great all year round dive destination, the water temperature varies from between 72F in February, to 84F in May and June and it’s unusual for the visibility to drop below 45 ft. Big tidal exchanges make for some exciting drift dives, in fact during the summer months we can treat you to some of the most challenging dives you’re ever likely to go on.

Puerto Galera is not only an excellent diving destination; it is also an ideal place to learn diving. It has three 5 star PADI agencies and a resident PADI Course Director that monitors all courses being done accordingly. Puerto Galera is actually the name of a small town here but is generally used to refer to the area between Sabang, 5km to the east, and White Beach, 8km to the west.