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The third quarter of the year is supposed to be start of the rainy season but no thanks to El Niño, it still feels like the middle of summer in the Philippines. It’s still very warm and sunny, so much so that we constantly look for ways to cool off! The best way for us Dabawenyos? Go to the beach!

Costa Marina Beach resort is one of the more underrated but very beautiful beach resorts on Samal Island. The resort is just right across the Davao Gulf from Davao City, just minutes from the port located in the Lanang area.

Costa Marina Beach Resort's welcome sign
Welcome to Costa Marina Beach Resort!

Costa Marina Beach Resort is one of the most accessible resorts on Samal Island, along with Paradise Island Beach Park and Resort. But while it is accessible, the resort still offers the much-coveted privacy that its competitors fall short on. Costa Marina is almost never crowded and that’s what makes it special.

Getting There

To get to Costa Marina Beach Resort, you will have to take a boat from the Paradise Island boat dock located in Lanang, Davao City. Simply ask one of the boatmen to direct you to the Costa Marina boats. You may have to wait for other passengers before the boat leaves for the resort especially if you’re visiting on a weekday. However, you can also charter the boat for a minimal fee. The earliest boat trip is at 5AM and the last trip back to the city is at 4PM.

Costa Marina Boat
The outrigger motorboat that will take you to and from the resort.

Another option is to ride the ferry to the main port on Samal Island and have a tricycle take you to the resort’s back entrance. This may take longer and can cost a lot more but it’s good, especially for people who are not comfortable riding a small sea vessel.

The Beach

Costa Marina's shoreline
Costa Marina’s wide shoreline under the shade of old trees.

The beach at Costa Marina Beach Resort is very clean and well-maintained. Aside from the white sand where kids can play around all day, the shoreline is alive with colorful shells and marine critters, a clear indication that the water is still very clean.

Costa Marina trees
The old trees that provide the much-needed shade.

The shore is lined with trees, providing natural shade. The best spot to hang out under the trees, just steps from the water. Costa Marina Beach Resort’s shoreline is quite long so there’s plenty of space to play around and picnic.

Costa Marina low tide
What low tide looks like at Costa Marina Beach Resort.

Low tide in this part of Samal Island begins at around 10AM. You can still take a dip but you’d have to walk further out to sea. The water comes back to shore at around 3PM. I recommend coming very early to enjoy the water and avoid getting burnt by the tropical sun.

Rates and Accommodations

Tables and chairs that are free to use for all guests..
Tables and chairs that are free to use for all guests.

Rates at Costa Marina Beach Resort are very affordable. Day tour and overnight guests will have to pay the entrance fee but the tables, chairs, beach beds, and umbrellas are already free to use. The staff will even provide tablecloths when requested.

Costa Marina cottage
One of the overnight cottages.

Costa Marina Beach Resort also has a wide selection of overnight cottages that can accommodate different group sizes. The cottages are situated on the rear part of the resort, among trees and some with a view of the beach. They have cottages good for 2-4 persons as well as dorm-type accommodations for larger groups. All cottages are air-conditioned and have clean private bathrooms.

Costa Marina dorm room
Beds in the dorm-type room.


Costa Marina Beach Resort offers excellent amenities including aqua sports, table games, and a volleyball/badminton court. They also have a function area which can accommodate up to 80 people, perfect for an intimate wedding! Their restaurant can also cater food and beverage for events. Costa Marina also has karaoke!

Costa Marina restaurant.
Costa Marina restaurant.

The resort has a lot of room to run around in. The public bathrooms are very clean and well-maintained. They have a grilling area that’s accessible to all.

If you’re looking for the perfect beach getaway for the weekend, look no further. Costa Marina Beach Resort is just right across Davao City and they offer an experience you will not soon forget. Plus, their staff are very helpful and accommodating. What more can you ask for?


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