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Love Filipino food? Or maybe you are planning your first trip to the Philippines and want to discover what culinary delights await you. Either way, the Filipino Home-Style Cooking ebook is exactly what you need. The cookbook is filled with more than 50 of the most traditional recipes with easy-to-follow directions for quick and easy preparation of these Filipino favorites.






Yummy Snacks

and Desserts

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Philippine Traveler’s Filipino Home-Style Cooking cookbook will not only give you easy-to-follow recipes for some of the best and most popular dishes but you also get savvy tips to aid you in preparing your own versions of tinola, adobo and other traditional dishes!

Heartwarming soups
Prepare some of the tastiest and healthiest soups that can warm up even the coldest days or nights, including Pork Sinigang, Tinalong Manok and Ponchero.

Hot dishes
Learn the easiest ways to prepare classic Filipino favorites like adobo, kare-kare and chicken inasal.

Tasty kakanin, filling snacks and yummy desserts:
Create distinctly Filipino pastries, snacks and sweets such as bibingka, pancit palabok and halo-halo in your own kitchen.

Read what others are saying:

The Filipino Home-Style Cookbook is getting great reviews from all who’ve read the book. Read below some of these reviews and learn how people are receiving this cookbook.

filipino-ebook-reviewer-1“Filipino Home-Style Cooking” is truly the must-have book if you wish to try the delectable cuisine of the Filipinos. With its detailed instructions, you can easily create mouthwatering dishes with minimum effort! Exploring its contents will tell you why the Filipino food is world-class.”
Marian – Cebu City, Philippines
filipino-ebook-reviewer-2“Now, this cookbook lives up to the richness of Philippine culture by covering variations – from soups to desserts, from kakanin to paella – that you can’t wait to get working on that first dish.”
Julian – Davao City, Philippines
filipino-ebook-reviewer-3“If you are a beginner, like me, then this recipe book is for you. In reality, none of the recipes are that difficult; they’ve all been simplified enough to make them well within the reach of the averagely ambitious home cook and are well thought out. Well done Adelle!”
Kris – Halifax, Nova Scotia
filipino-ebook-reviewer-4“I thoroughly enjoyed Filipino Home-Style Cooking! I am no expert in the kitchen but I found the step-by-step instructions really easy to follow. If you’re a fan of Filipino food and desire to make the dishes in your own kitchen, this ebook is a great first step.”
Mellow – Davao City, Philippines



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