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Moving to the southern part of Davao City has brought us closer to the attractions the city’s highlands have to offer. This weekend, we ventured out to Brgy. Eden and had lunch at Jamelle Gardens Cafe.

My family has always loved this part of Davao City. Back when Adie was little, we frequented Eden Nature Park during weekends. The weather was always desirable, the food was incredible and there were a plethora of things to do in the park. Over the years, several other businesses have set up shop in the area and we started exploring them when COVID restrictions eased up.

This was not our first time at Jamelle Gardens Cafe. We have been visiting the place, tagging our extended family along, over the past year. What makes it so special that we keep coming back? It’s the ambiance, I guess. We keep coming back for the fresh air, the plants, and the wonderful (and affordable) food.


Jamelle Gardens Cafe is located in Eden, Toril. It’s a mere 15-minute uphill drive from our place and about an hour from downtown Davao City. We discovered this place by accident when we wanted to visit Eden Nature Park but had to turn back because of the volume of people in the park. Jun was curious about what was up the hill from Eden’s entrance so we made the one-minute drive up.

We noticed there were some cars parked outside a small unassuming gate. We decided to check the place out and we were so glad that we did.

Cafe Outside of a Villa

The short stairway going up from the gate opens to a well-manicured garden with open cottages and al-fresco dining tables. Chinese bamboo lined the walkway and the garden is set in a backdrop of pine trees Eden is known for.

The main cafe sits in the middle of the property. There is a cozy indoor dining area with oversized sofas and tall glass windows opening up to a view of Metro Davao on a clear day. To say the place is Instagramable is an understatement.

Venturing out of the cafe and further into the property, we found out that there is a pool and a villa with its own private entrance. The kids got excited about the pool for a second but we were told it’s closed to the public. They have very recently opened the villa to overnight guests.

Jamelle Gardens Cafe’s Wonderful Food

The food at Jamelle Gardens Cafe did not fail to impress. Their menu is a little limited but they make up for it with how well they’re prepared. Since we’ve been at least three times, we already have our favorites. Their sisig is heavenly, almost as good as my sisig (wink) and their iced coffee is a real pick-me-up. During our last visit, Adie ordered their humba meal, Jun had the sisig, while Little B and I shared the fish and chips platter. I had their iced coffee and Jun order his usual black cup. We ended up sharing everything since their servings are huge.

It also does not hurt that their food is not heavy on the pocket. We only paid under a thousand pesos for our lunch. I realized we could save a lot of money if we had lunch at Jamelle Gardens Cafe and just paid for the plated snacks day tour package at Eden Nature Park. The park’s food is exceptional but quite pricey, especially on weekends.

Overall Experience

People come to this part of Davao City to commune with nature and Jamelle Gardens Cafe ticks that box. The place just makes you feel closer to the earth with bamboos singing with the wind and crisp highland air touching your cheeks. Little B had a wide-open space to run around in and Adie had a great time taking photos of the pretty flowers in the garden. They even have a photo booth with a heart framing a view of Davao City far below.

If you’re in south Davao and would like a great place to hang out for the afternoon, I recommend Jamelle Gardens Cafe. Whether you’re looking for a full meal or just some cafe fare, you will be pleased with what you’ll get on your plate. We would love to see how the place looks after sunset though so maybe we will update this post when we visit for early dinner.

Jamelle Gardens Cafe is open Mondays through Fridays from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM and on weekends from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. They welcome walk-ins but we recommend making a reservation if you’re coming with a large group. Call ahead if you’d like to be seated in their semi-private dining cabana, too. You may call 0966-763-2371 or contact them through their Facebook page for reservations or if you’d like to order ahead.

We will be coming back to Jamelle Gardens Cafe soon. Maybe we’ll see you there on our next visit?


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