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I think most would agree that fishing is a relaxing hobby year-round. Personally, I find it boring but my children take pleasure in catching fish so we do it whenever we find the chance. Fishing in the Philippines can be dangerous if done in open water and with a lack of experience. So for us mere mortals, fish ponds are the best way to go. We have spent quite a bit of time fishing at Eden Nature Park‘s Fishing Village. But we recently discovered Pasol Mo Luto Ko at Lindo’s Farm. Translation: You Fish, I Cook at Lindo’s Farm.

Where to find Lindo’s Farm

Lindo’s Farm is located in Los Amigos, Tugbok, a relatively quiet community about an hour’s drive from downtown Davao. We usually visit the area when we’re craving deep-fried hito (catfish) and tinolang manok (native chicken soup). Now that I think about it, Jun and I have been coming to Tugbok since we started dating in 2010. Lindo’s Farm was still nonexistent (or private) then.

From downtown, take the Maharlika Highway until you reach the Davao-Bukidnon Road junction. Turn right and follow the road until you reach Santander’s (another restaurant that serves catfish). At this point, you have to slow down so you do not miss the left turn to Crossing 22. There will be large signs pointing to Lindo’s Farm so just follow the cemented road until you reach your destination.

Map here: Pasol Mo Luto Ko at Lindo’s Farm

Why We Keep Coming Back

What our family loves about Lindo’s Farm is the open space. The first time we visited was when the government eased quarantine regulations in late 2021 and we’ve been back several times since. Lindo’s Farm provides that provincial vibe that we usually have to travel hours for. And it’s just an hour or less from the city!

The green space is a welcome respite from the daily screen time and the food is absolutely delightful. If you are a fan of simple Filipino food, Lindo’s Farm is perfect for you. Nothing sophisticated here — just freshly-caught fish deep-fried, grilled, or cooked in coconut milk (my favorite). There are also offerings of native free-range chicken soup, fresh vegetable stir-fry, chicken cooked inside a bamboo, and oh-so-heavenly halo-halo served inside a freshly-picked young coconut.

The kids can run freely around the farm without masks on. The air is fresh and there are trees all around so I do not have to worry about them contracting viruses while at play. Even the young lady Adie felt like a little child again, joining her sister on the trampoline.

Delightful Fishing

But what they love most is fishing. Again, nothing fancy — just a bamboo stick and line fashioned into a fishing rod with a half-alive earthworm as bait. They have a “you catch it, you buy it” policy at Lindo’s Farm. You can either have your catch cooked in their kitchen (at an additional cost) or have it cleaned and taken home.

There are three open ponds at Lindo’s Farm — one for koi, one for catfish, and one for tilapia. The pond with koi is only for fish feeding. The kids only fished in the tilapia pond since teenagers were huddled around the catfish pond. Also, the catfishes were especially large and Adie did not want to deal with big writhing fish. The tilapia flapped around when caught but she was able to manage it. Since we already ordered our food even before we arrived, the children’s catch became our lunch a few days after our visit.

Other Attractions at Lindo’s Farm

The farm has greatly improved in the last couple of years. They now have a playground and better-constructed huts with sturdy tables and chairs. They also have a function area where small events can be held. There are numerous spots for great selfies or “we were here” photos with the family. Some parts of the farm are still under renovation.

Durian and coconut trees are planted all over the farm. While it is safe to go around, I should mention that durian and coconuts have the knack of falling unexpectedly from their branches. So I advise you to avoid staying right by the tree trunks to be safe.

There is a small stream that is accessible from the farm but we did not go down there. It was a little muddy at the time but there were a few people who enjoyed a dip in a pool not too far away. It was a scene right out of a movie shot in any province in the Philippines.

Overall Experience

Lindo’s Farm is undoubtedly one of our go-places when we just want to hang out with the family over good food and fresh air. Although there is much to be improved in the safety aspect of their fishing ponds (maybe a concrete barricade to prevent kids from falling into the water), my kids thoroughly enjoy the experience every time we visit.

Have you visited Lindo’s Farm or a similar spot in the Philippines? Tell us about it in the comment below! Also, follow us on Facebook for updates and reels!


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