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The rising price of gas and other things has dampened most people’s travel plans, including ours. We have not made any road trips since August when we went to Monte Ana Haven in Marilog. But since we needed to “get away” for a little bit, we decided on a staycation in one of the hotels in the city: Sotogrande Hotel Davao.

Where is Sotogrande Hotel Davao located?

Sotogrande is located within the Davao Riverfront Corporate City, a development right on the banks of the Davao River. The hotel is a mere five minutes from Davao International Airport by Asian Highway 26 and a walking distance from popular attractions like the Davao Crocodile Park, Butterfly House, and the Rancho Palos Verdes Golf and Country Club.

What amenities does Sotogrande Davao offer?

The luxurious Sotograde Hotel Davao offers a range of amenities, most of which we regrettably did not get to enjoy. We opted to take staycation quite literally and just stayed in our rooms the entire time. The kids enjoyed a night dip in the outdoor pool from where we could see the hotel’s fitness center. There’s also a piano bar adjacent to the reception area which Little B immensely enjoyed playing in.

Other hotel amenities include:

  • Lap pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Spa
  • Restaurant
  • Poolside bar
  • Coffee lounge
  • Bathtubs in rooms
  • Free WiFi
  • Room service
  • 24-hour front desk service

The hotel is surrounded by an expanse of manicured mini-forest where you can picnic, ride bikes, exercise, and even have professional photos taken. This area is a very popular spot for pre-nuptial shoots and even big concerts and events.

What restaurants are nearby?

Sotogrande Hotel Davao has a restaurant and cafe but you also have a lot of culinary ground to cover within the Riverfront Corporate Center. Apart from the attractions I’ve mentioned above, there are coffee shops and restaurants to discover. Here are some of them:

  • Paramount Coffee
  • Riverwalk Grill
  • Sweet Spot Ice Cream
  • Curbside Bistro
  • Cafe El Gato

While bringing in food from outside is discouraged, Sotogrande allows it as long as you sign a waiver stating that the hotel will not be held liable for any food-related incident thereafter.

How was our experience at Sotogrande Hotel Davao?

We stayed for two nights in one of their deluxe rooms. It was the cheapest of their accommodations yet it still felt luxurious in every way. Each room had two double beds, a nice bathroom with a tub, a spacious desk, a fridge and coffee supplies. Their WiFi signal was strong enough Jun to work and Adie to attend virtual class. Our rooms had a view of the mountainous areas of Davao.

What impressed me most, however, was their staff. Everyone from the front desk and security personnel to the housekeeping and wait staff were very polite and accommodating. They went above and beyond to meet our needs.

Overall, we enjoyed our short yet sweet staycation. I opted to have the kids enjoy the tub than the pool but they did not seem to care. There were a lot of people checked in during our stay and I did not want to expose them to health risks.

B did not want to leave the hotel and to this day, she gets really excited at the sight of the Sotogrande building whenever we pass by AH26.

How much does a stay at Sotogrande cost?

Room rates at Sotogrande Davao start at P5000 (about $90US) but they are known to hold room sales and participate in travel expos where you can score HUGE discounts. We got our rooms for way less than the regular rate through a voucher sale. If you’re interested in staying at this hotel for less, be sure to follow their social media pages for announcements.

I promised the kids we will go back to Sotogrande soon. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience so that’s a goal met for us parents. Life may be hard these days but memories made from these simple experiences will sustain us until the next adventure.


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