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Caldera Lake in the Taal Volcano located in Batangas Philippines.
Setting foot in the lovely city of Tagaytay is an experience like no other. For one, you will get to enjoy a breathtaking view without having to travel too far away from the city. Second, you are set to be amazed with all the attractions that you can find at a truly affordable price. No wonder a lot of people have grown accustomed to traveling to Tagaytay City during their short vacations to basically have that much needed rest from the demands or school, work and life.

History of Tagaytay City

Tagaytay City has been home to a number of famous events in Philippine Revolution as well as World War II. In 1896, the fortress of Tagaytay served as home among revolutionaries as well as those living in nearby provinces. In 1945, during the World War II, Tagaytay has gained even more popularity with the combat jump of the 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment by the 11th Airborne Division of Lt. Gen. Robert L. Eichelberger.

Other than this, in 1979, the infamous Imelda Marcos, former first lady of the late Ferdinand Marcos brought a major change and development into the city of Tagaytay’s landscape. Thus, the Palace in the Sky park was named People’s Park in the Sky, a once created guest house for former California Governor Ronald Raegan who never arrived in the Philippines.

A Little Geography

If you must know, the name of the city “Tagaytay” came from a combination of two words: “taga” which means to cut and “itay” which means father in the language of the Filipinos. Many years ago, legend has it that a father and son tandem were seen on a dangerous boar hunt that attacked them. During this much heated action, the son kept on shouting the words “taga Itay!” “taga Itay!” which when translated to the English language means “Kill it dad!” Later on, the name of the city was changed to Tagaytay to make it sound better and more humane.

At present, the city of Tagaytay lies along Tagaytay Ridge, (20 minutes away from Mount Butulao and Mount Sungay). Mount Sungay is actually the highest peak in the province of Cavite where you can enjoy a lavish view from People’s Park in the Sky.

Tagaytay City’s Climate

As one of the nearest destinations from the city with a high peak, Tagaytay is best visited during the summer months when the city’s heated climate becomes a little unbearable. The city basically enjoys two seasons also known as summer and rainy season. The summer months generally fall between March to June while the rainy months fall between the months of July-September. During the rest of the year, the climate in Tagaytay is crisp and cool, the perfect climate for tourists all over the world.

Language and Culture

Tagged as the friendliest city in the Philippines, you can expect to be greeted with warm smiles and accommodating gestures the minute you arrive in Tagaytay City. In fact, part of the whole Philippines’ culture is their friendliness among tourists and all types of guests. Thus, you will immediately feel right at home in the city where people are generally helpful and trustworthy too.

The language being spoken in Tagaytay City is Tagalog or the Filipino language. But there’s really no need to spend so many hours studying the language because the people you will meet there can understand and speak English well. But surprising them with some Tagalog words like “Magkano?” which means “how much?” and “Salamat” which means “Thank you” will be greatly appreciated too.

Getting Around Tagaytay City

Traveling to and from Tagaytay City is very easy and convenient. Thanks to the developed South Luzon Expressway, you can get to your destination from the city within an hour and 30 minutes. There are several buses you can also ride going to Tagaytay.The terminals of which are located in Cubao, Pasay, EDSA, and Baclaran.

While there, you can simply take a jeepney or tricycle if you wish to around. Renting cars may also be ideal if you want to maximize your trip and go to a number of attractions definitely worth visiting.

Where to Stay

Mountain Resort with beautiful view in Tagaytay City, Philippines.
There are a number of hotels in Tagaytay that you can book for an affordable price. In fact, you might be surprised at the variety that awaits. You can choose your own hotel room, or a transient that you can rent as an entire house if you are traveling in big groups. Prior booking might be required especially during peak months, March-June and October-December.

Taal Vista Hotel is one of the top choice among tourists and locals for that perfect accommodation. Conveniently located near Aguinaldo Highway, you can get to your hotel from a long day’s trip as conveniently as you can imagine.

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay in General Emilio Aguinaldo Highway offers top of the line features like daily breakfast, recreational amenities like swimming pool, covered courts, gym and even boasts of free wifi service.

If you are looking for something affordable, do not miss Luniare Potter’s Ridge Hotel located just 67 kilometers from Marcos Highway. This hotel promises you a very home-like feel to your choice of room accommodation

Our favorite online accommodations site, HotelsCombined.com, lists 50 hotels in Tagaytay and the surrounding region. Several even offer a spectacular view of Taal volcano.

Dining in Tagaytay

Another highlight of your Tagaytay City adventure should include the wide range of foods choices you can only taste in Tagaytay City. Of course, the usual, well-tasting Filipino cuisines like Adobo, Caldereta, Kare-Kare and so much more are served in select restaurants, you should also taste the cities favorites.

If you are looking for a romantic nightout with a loved one, then don’t miss dining at Antonio’s in Tagaytay City. Here you will get to taste French cuisine, and will enjoy a lavish meal from appetizers up to desserts.

Josephine’s is also another famous restaurant and a much visited one at that, that serves Filipino dishes that are worth the try. You can also get to taste the cities famous delicacy here called the Fried Tawilis. While dining in the nicest meals, you are also rewarded with a beatiful and relaxing view of the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano as your backdrop.

If you want to be surrounded by greens and flowers while dining out, don’t miss out the chance to visit the Gourmet’s Café in the city. If you are a sald lover then this restaurant will be best for you. Pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, and soups are also best sellers in this café.

Sonya’s Garden is also another famous dining destination in Tagaytay. As a virtual greenhouse, you somehow have an idea on what to expect. A number of select dishes are being served here so your empty stomach will leave full and happy in this restaurant of choice.

If the climate becomes a little colder than expected, grab a cup or two of coffee from Bag of Beans. Here, you wouldn’t just taste the usual coffee but will be welcomed by warm, thick and rich cups that will definitely keep your stomach and your heart warm and happy.

The various restaurants and delicacies in the restaurants and cafes mentioned here offer reasonable prices. In fact, this is one of the many other things you will fall in love with in Tagaytay City. The prices of every single attraction, accommodation, dishes and so much more are made to be wise for tourists like you.

What to Do

More than a handful of attractions in Tagaytay City that you will want to check out. Some sites that are not to be missed include the following:

People’s Park in the Sky

If you want to get a view of whole of Tagaytay and Cavite City then this is the attraction that awaits you. Here you will see a unique combination of natural and man-made attractions that is perfect for bouts of relaxation or that dose of camera shot with a breathtaking background.

Picnic Grove

Picnic Grove with view of Taal Volcano in Tagaytay, Philippines.
If you want to be around locals and tourists alike, then the place you need to visit is the Picnic Grove. Here, you can literally find places where you can go on a picnic with your travel buddies or go for a restaurant of your choice where you can dine. There are also a number of activities that you can enjoy here like horseback riding, zipline, eco-trail boardwalking, and cable car ride as well.

Taal Volcano

While in Tagaytay, do not miss the chance to check out the infamous Taal Volcano. Take as much pictures as you might want and stay there for a night or two in order to enjoy the heartwarming view you wouldn’t see anywhere else. You can also explore the insided of the Taal Volcano with the help of a licensed tour guide and go around the Taal Lake for a more enchanting backdrop.


Shopping for exclusive Tagaytay finds as well as treats you can bring home to your family and friends? Tagaytay City is also boastful when it comes to that.

Don’t forget to pass by the Good Shepherd Store, the same one in Baguio City where you can take home delicious pastries like cookies, lengua de gato, krinkles as well as a jar of rich ube jam that you can use as a spread on your sandwich or just as a spoonful of dessert every after meal.

Along the streets around Picnic Grove, you will also find a number of kiosks selling different Tagaytay City souvenirs ranging from keychains, to bookmarkers, some bags and totes, and even t-shirts. Grab one of these items to help remember your Tagaytay City trip by or to even share with your family and friends too.

Indeed, Tagaytay City has so much to offer and what’s the use of waiting too long before you schedule a vacation here? You might be surprised at what awaits so grab your bag, bring your camera and you’re all set to go.


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