Vista Restaurant: Healthy Dining in the Highlands

Vista Restaurant Entrance

Vista Restaurant

With all the hype about organic food these days, one can only imagine how many people have taken to planting their own gardens of herbs, vegetables and maybe even fruits. Organic sections have become one of the most-visited parts of a supermarket. Organic is clearly THE BIG TREND in food and nutrition today.

But did you know that long before organic food caught the attention of the junk-consuming masses, there’s a restaurant in Davao City that’s been serving healthy organic food for years?

Vista Restaurant, the on-site restaurant of Eden Nature Park and Resort, has become an institution in Davao City’s dining scene. People endure the hour-long trip to Barangay Eden, Toril just to experience the food and the relaxing ambiance this restaurant in the highlands has to offer.

The Food

Vista Restaurant Food

Food from the buffet table. Clockwise from top: pasta, Oriental seafood, steamed broccoli, beef caldereta, cayenne fish steak, and steamed white rice (center).

Vista Restaurant serves buffet-style meals plus a salad bar, fruits and dessert station, fresh fruit juices and the day’s soup. In this respect, it is just like any other restaurant anywhere.

What sets it apart from others is the quality of their ingredients. Most of Vista Restaurant’s dishes are made from ingredients picked from their own gardens. Eden Nature Park maintains gardens and orchards all over the property, some you can see during a guided shuttle tour. Almost everything is organically grown (the salad greens are cultivated using hydroponics), and you can probably tell the difference when you take the first bite of your DIY veggie salad.

Vegetable Garden

From the hydroponic (no soil) gardens…

Vista Restaurant Salad Bar

…to the Salad Bar.

Food at Vista Restaurant is a hodge-podge of different cuisines from all over the world. On any given day you can see Italian pasta dishes sitting side by side with Oriental stir-fried vegetables and classic Filipino favorites like Beef Caldereta and Adobo. I personally find their pasta dishes perfect: the pasta and sauces are made from scratch so you’re sure it’s fresh.

They also make their own dressings and vinaigrette, bottles of which can be bought at the counter, along with other products including sinamak (a local spicy vinegar), fresh pastries and of course, vegetables for you to take home.

Rates and Other Services

As there’s no other restaurant in the immediate area, all guests of Eden Nature Park and Resort eat at Vista Restaurant. Day tour packages include either buffet-style lunch or plated snacks from the restaurant. Similarly, special deals for overnight stays may cover full-board meals.

Vista Restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Guests descend a flight of stairs to reach the main entrance, passing by the Day Tour Center and a few selfie-worthy spots. The interior is beautifully decorated with colorful ceiling installations, and live plants line all corners of the dining room. Instead of walls, fine netting is used to provide guests relatively uninterrupted 360-degree views of the beautiful surroundings.

Vista Restaurant's Interior

The interior is beautifully decorated with plants and rainbow colors.

Buffet-style lunch and dinner at Vista Restaurant costs P520 per person. This already covers all the food you can eat and a beverage of your choice. Complimentary meals for overnight guests are also served in the restaurant. Overnight guests also get a special discount for meals. Guests celebrating birthdays get free lunch; just present an ID with birth date at the Day Tour Center where they give out a birthday card with a free meal stub.

Vista restaurant also caters to special occasions held within Eden Nature Park and Resort. Weddings, small conferences and family gatherings are made more special by the excellent food and wonderful service. Just recently, the restaurant also started accepting food orders.

Vista Restaurant

Vista Restaurant is a perfect venue for special events like weddings and family reunions.

If you’re ever in Davao City and have an entire day to spare, I recommend going to the highlands where the air is fresh and the food is great. The hour-long journey is totally worth the healthy goodness of Vista Restaurant.

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