Vista View Resto: Best View of Davao City

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Vista View Resto Lumad
Sculptures of tribes people called “Lumad” welcome visitors to Vista View Resto.

There are plenty of restaurants in Davao City but not a lot that offer an astounding view of the cityscape. With a bird’s eye view of the Davao, Vista View Resto is undoubtedly one of the city’s must-try restaurants.

Vista View Resto sits on a hill overlooking the Maharlika Highway and downtown Davao City. On a clear day, you can even see Samal Island across the Davao Gulf! Visa View Resto boasts to have the “Best Filipino Food with the Best View of Davao City.

The astounding view.

Word of Mouth

We decided to check the place out one weekend. The restaurant is quite a long way from downtown Davao City. You can only get there by car or cab. Friends and online reviews rave about Vista View Resto so was time that we try dining on a hilltop.

Vista View Resto’s location used to be occupied by Dencio’s Kamayan, a popular local restaurant chain. Close to Vista View Resto are some well-loved attractions like Zip City and Outland Adventure.

We arrived a few minutes after lunch hour so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. There are both indoor and outdoor dining areas. We decided on a table in the main dining area which is at the highest part of the complex.

Outdoor dining while enjoying the fresh air and the view below.

Excellent Filipino Fare

Vista View Resto serves Filipino food; classics like sisig and kare-kare are on the menu along with Davao specialties like Sinuglaw and exotic croc meat dishes. Filipino-style barbecue and their signature Boodle Bilao are crowd-pleasers. Since it was just my little family dining, we only ordered a few dishes and unlimited rice. Burp!

Sinuglaw is a mixture of raw fish, grilled pork, cucumber and spices in vinegar. Yummy!
Sizzling sisig is both great as pulutan and ulam.
Chicken BBQ — best eaten with bare hands!

Heavenly Coffee

The restaurant also has a small bar/cafe that serves liquor and some of the best locally-grown coffee in Davao City. You can enjoy Mt. Apo Altura coffee while enjoying the view of the city. They also serve civet coffee (kopi luwak), the most expensive coffee in the world. Kopi luwak comes from beans pooped out by civet cats who eat them. The cat’s stomach enzymes render the beans its distinct aroma and flavor.

Vista View Resto Coffee
Care for some civet coffee?

We were too stuffed to have coffee, though. Still we burned off some of the calories descending to the most photogenic area of the restaurant.

Vista View Resto Davao
Taking a selfie at this spot is must-do!

From this vantage point you can see the city and neighboring Samal Island if it’s a clear day.

Vista View Resto View of Samal
Look closely and see Samal Island in the horizon.

Vista View Resto is owned by the same people that run some of the most popular attractions and resorts in the Davao Region including Mt. Apo Highland Resort in Kapatagan, Davao del Sur and Maxima Aquafun on Samal Island.

Vista View’s sister restaurants, resorts and attractions.

All in all, our experience at Vista View Resto is very pleasant. Indeed, they made good on the “best view of Davao City” promise. Find out more on my review on our YouTube channel.

Here’s my daughter’s obligatory selfie to end this post:

Vista View Resto Selfie
Adie and the view of my beloved Davao City.

Downloadable Resources: For a closer look at Vista View Resto, we have prepared a photo review for you. The Vista View Resto Review is available as a free PDF download or free Powerpoint download. Enjoy this review at your leisure or share it with a friend!


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