How to Get into Samal Island During the Pandemic

Travel in the Philippines has become almost nonexistent when the COVID-19 pandemic hit a year ago. Popular attractions closed down and foreign visitors were banned from the country. But now that restrictions have eased up, tourism in the Philippines is starting to get back up on its feet. We recently went to the beach and […]

Where Is the Coldest Place in the Philippines?

coldest place in the Philippines

When snow starts to get cold in the northern hemisphere, people head off some place where there’s perpetual sunshine. That’s what the Philippines is for — beaches, mountains, waterfalls and sunny weather year-round. Sometimes, though, the heat becomes too much to bear. And when this happens, people escape to places where the air is colder […]

What are the Most Active Volcanoes in the Philippines?

active volcanoes in the philippines

The Philippines sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire. This position allows for the formation of volcanoes especially at the junction between the Philippines and Eurasian tectonic plates. As a result, the Philippines is blessed with hundreds of active and dormant volcanoes. But what are the most active volcanoes in the Philippines? According to the […]

Where Is the Oldest Church in the Philippines?

The Philippines has a rich colonial past brought about by the three-century Spanish rule. The old churches built by the founders of Catholicism in the country tell this tumultuous yet beautiful part of history. Eighty-six percent of the Filipino population is Roman Catholic and understandably, they consider the churches as priceless treasures. In fact, the […]

What are the Most Modern Cities in the Philippines?

most modern cities in the philippines

The Philippines has gone a long way from being a country of Indios to becoming one of the up and coming economies in SouthEast Asia. In fact, the country has the 4th highest GDP among member countries of the ASEAN. The islands have become a melting pot of modern industries with its people as its […]

What Should You Pack for Travel in the Philippines?

What Should You Pack for Travel in the Philippines

At the mention of travel to the Philippines, days on the beach with azure waters immediately come to mind. The country is known as some of the best islands in the world, after all. You also think of traffic in Manila, great food anywhere you look, and exciting adventures in the country’s natural attractions. You’ll […]

How Much Money Should You Bring to the Philippines for Vacation?

The Philippines is one of the cheapest places for a tropical vacation. The islands feature white sand beaches, inland attractions, and beautiful people. It’s the perfect recipe for an adventure! How much money should you bring to the Philippines for a vacation? The answer can vary widely depending on where you stay, the things you […]

Is a Visa Required to Visit the Philippines?

Is a visa required to visit the Philippines

Planning travel to the Philippines is an exciting endeavor. You’re thinking of sunbathing, island hopping, and just simply enjoying the tropical sunshine. But first, let’s find out if a visa is required for you to visit the Philippines. Citizens of at least 150 countries may visit the Philippines without a visa for a period of […]

Retiring to the Philippines – What Expats Need to Know

Imagine living in paradise in your golden years: living by the beach, sipping fresh coconut juice and fruit shakes all day and walking around in flipflops. Pretty amazing, right? That’s what it will be like retiring to the Philippines.  There are a lot of benefits in retiring to the Philippines. The Philippines’ breathtaking beaches, abundant […]

Is The Philippines Safe for Travel? Crime, Health & Safety Issues

Before embarking on a trip, we always wonder if it’s safe and go to lengths to make sure that we will be. Safety and security is one of the most important considerations in trip planning. If you are traveling to the Philippines, you’d want to make sure that you don’t run into trouble that can […]