5 Best Cebu City Theme Parks

It is no mystery that Cebu is one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines. The city’s rich history, stunning beaches, metropolitan vibe, and wonderful cuisine draw in millions of tourists both domestic and international. Being the center of commerce in the Visayas, Cebu is reaching even greater heights with infrastructure development. And what’s […]

Stays at Jack’s in the Sky BUDA

Jack's in the Sky Buda

Birthdays always make for a good excuse to stop and do something nice for one’s self. A few months ago, we visited Jack’s in the Sky for a quick cup of coffee. We were so enamored by the place that we vowed to come back for an overnight stay. I turn thirty-something this month and […]

The Serenity of Lake Apo

Lake Apo

Lakes have always fascinated me. I think it’s the water’s mysterious character that pulls me in — how you could not really tell how deep it is and what lies underneath. How the surface that perfectly mirrors the sky is quite enchanting too. The only other lake I have seen was Lake Sebu in South […]

Palpitate Coffee Davao

palpitate coffee davao

Coffee shops have been opening left, right, and center around Davao City and I am all for it. My friends from Adie’s old school recommended this coffee shop that not only looked chic but also had good reviews online. And the name was catchy, too! I finally had the chance to check out Palpitate Coffee […]

New Discovery: geePods Buda

geePods semi-outdoor area and stairs leading up to the rooms.

We were on our way back to Davao from Reel Place (see previous post) when we felt the need for another cup of coffee. I initially wanted to check out Tree House Coffee + Rooms but I was intrigued by another cafe by the roadside. And boy was I glad I made Jun pull over […]

Revisiting Reel Place in Bukidnon

Reel Place Bukidnon's park entrance with rainbow letters and a decorative bicycle.

Habagat season has officially commenced in the Philippines. This means excruciating heat in the daytime and torrential rains at night. So here we are dreaming of going out but can only revisit photos of our last road trip. Our farthest stop was at Reel Place in Lorega, Bukidnon before we turned back to Davao City. […]

Passing Through Jack’s In the Sky

Jacks in the Sky view of the playground and surrounding scenery.

Buda has come a long way in 10 years. This area between Davao City and Bukidnon used to be short of places to stop over and have a nice meal with kids. When we first visited this area of Davao City little Adie, the only thing she enjoyed was the strawberries. Now with Little B, […]

Kidbu Cafe

KIdbu Cafe Dining Area

It’s been a while! With the start of classes and just life happening, our days have been occupied with work, shuttling kids to and from school, preparing lunches and catching up on sleep during the weekends. So when Adie asked for some reprieve from our routine before her first periodical exams, we got in our […]

Bukid Feels in the City at Arbor Farms

Arbor Farms Restaurant and Grape Farm

Davao City is a huge city with parts that can be considered rural. The southern parts of Davao are more residential than commercial but the area is dotted with agribusinesses that have dipped their toes into the restaurant industry. We enjoyed the food offerings of Pasol Mo Luto Ko at Lindo’s Farm on Valentine’s Day […]

Unique Dining at Payag ni Enards

Payag ni Enards signage

Most of us have had meals by the beach, in the mountains, and even among trees. But I must say that dining in the middle of a rice field is a unique experience that I would want to repeat, soon if possible.