5 Fun New Things to Do in Davao City

Davao City has become a very fun place to be in recent years. Aside from at least three additional malls, the city has become home to plenty of exciting places both tourists and locals can enjoy.

Cavanico Resort: Fun Under the Sun

Cavanico Il-Ma-Re Beach Resort

Days seem longer, temperatures get hotter, clothes get skimpier, and everyone gets happier. Yep, it’s summer! For us down south, it’s time to head to Cavanico Resort! But did you know that technically, there is no such thing as summer in the Philippines? Summer is one of the four seasons in temperate regions of the […]

Green Coffee: Excellent Brews and Vibe


I’m always on the prowl for new coffee shops to try. And it’s not just for the love of coffee, I do it because I want to eventually say I have tried all the coffee shops in Davao. This week we tried Green Coffee, another burgeoning coffee chain in Metro Davao. I’ve so far visited and […]

Malagos Garden Resort Restaurant Review

Malagos-Garden-Resort-Restaurant-plate 2

I’ve already talked about how much we loved Malagos Garden Resort and their Sunday Interactive Bird Show. The resort in the uptown area of Davao City is indeed a must-visit for first-time visitors and even locals who are looking for a quick escape from the busy city. But what about food? Guests can bring their […]

MamBoss Café: The Homey Place to Be

MamBoss Cafe

If you’re looking for a homey, vintage-y coffee shop to hang out in in Davao City, we’ve found it for you! My family and I just discovered a quaint café that has everything I am looking for: MamBoss Café. Let me tell you a little back story: I’ve always been a fan of Tata Benito’s […]

Where to Find the Best Durian in Davao City

Best Durian in Davao

I’ve always said that the best time to go to Davao City is in August. For one thing, the world-famous Kadayawan Festival is held mid-month, with activities and events happening all month long. Plus it is also the best time to try out durian in Davao City. And it’s not just durian, the best Davao […]

Davao City Peoples Park: An Oasis in the Concrete Jungle

Peoples Park Durian Dome

Davao City is huge metropolis and when the heat of the concrete jungle gets too much for comfort, it’s good to know that there’s a sanctuary just waiting to be sought. Aside from the air-conditioned comfort of malls and restaurants, Davao City has Peoples Park to provide a space to breathe without having to spend […]

BluGre Coffee: Davao’s Original Cafe

A cup of BluGre Coffee's signature durian coffeeccino.

When someone mentions Davao City, the mind immediately zeroes in on the famous durian. The fruit’s pungent odor and surprisingly tasty meat is extremely popular among locals and has become one the city’s symbols. Dabawenyos consume durian like it’s the most natural thing to eat but because of its notorious smell, visitors are hesitant to […]

Wildlife Encounters at the Davao Crocodile Park

Iguana at the Davao Crocodile Park.

Seeing crocodiles is nothing new to me. I’ve grown up joining educational tours that took us to different zoos and nature parks in Davao City. Now that I’m all grown up and have a little girl of my own, I wanted to give her the same experience. Going to Davao Crocodile Park is one of the […]